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How to Know Zodiac Colors Based on Zodiac Signs

There are so many ways colors influence us. Some colors can enhance your uniqueness, and they can bring out your true nature. Their effects include boosting confidence, calming restless energy, strengthening ability, and many more. For more information about the effect of colors, you can read this article.
Our astrological signs and zodiac signs are unique to us. Thus, we can correlate the sequence of colors within the visible spectrum of light with each of these astrological signs. We can use our zodiac colors to draw energy from them.

In this guide, we talk about the meanings and astrological significance of zodiac colors. To find out what color brings out your zodiac’s best qualities, continue reading!

Aries (March 21 to April 19): Red Color

It shouldn’t be a surprise that Aries’ primary color is red since it’s a fire sign and associated with the planet Mars. The vibrant, fiery hue of most red objects is a symbol of the strength and energy of those born under this sign.

The color red has historically been associated with two things: love and violence. There is one thing that ties these connotations together: passion. The color red can symbolize both strength and the spirit of zeal, even if some may see it as too aggressive or too violent.

The human body shows a real, observable reaction to red. Red can elevate heart rates, increase blood pressure, and make people feel more “excited.”. By stimulating the adrenal gland, it makes people more alert and able to take action.

Red is a vibrant, exciting, and life-affirming color, perfectly suited to the Aries’ vibrant energy.

Other Zodiac Colors

There are several colors associated with Aries in addition to red. With fire as the theme, orange, yellow, and white are the colors most often associated with Aries.

Any shade that is warm and bright is usually associated with fire. Aries’ orange should be bright and almost neon, so that it captures the energy and excitement of that sign. The orange color symbolizes change, growth, energy, and a love of life.

Similar to red, orange can often impact the human body physiologically. Due to its ability to stimulate the appetite, many restaurants use orange in advertising.

However, it simply illustrates the excitable, emotional energy that people who are born under the Aries sign tend to exude!

Taurus (April 20 to May 20): Pink Color

In spite of the fact that Taurus predates Greek mythology as a zodiac sign, it is often associated with goddesses like Venus or Aphrodite because of its connection with Venus. Aphrodite was the goddess of love, which is why the color associated with her domain was arguably one of the most romantic colors ever: pink!

Pink is often associated with female love, as well as with innocence, childlike wonder, and first crushes. Known for her love of pink, Audrey Hepburn once said she “believed in pink” as a way of encouraging her audience to embrace the lighter and frivolous aspects of life.

Pink does not have to be purely lighthearted, however. Also, it can represent passivity or naivety. The same characteristics that make it such a powerful symbol of youth and innocent expression can also make people reluctant to take it seriously.

Other Zodiac Colors

In general, any other traditionally “feminine” color can also work with the Taurus sign. The most popular Taurus color is pink, but to add a sense of harmony and coordination, also consider pastel blues and purples.

Warm, soft tones have traditionally been associated with feminine energies, but that doesn’t mean that they’re out of reach for males! You can add soft colors to your outfit and surroundings to turn them from harsh to inviting and engaging.

The sign Taurus is known as being a beautiful, steadying, and stabilizing sign. As a result, all of the colors associated with this sign tend to symbolize peace, stability, and the ability to change the world around you into a place you want to live, rather than the place it was before.

Gemini (May 21 to June 20): Yellow Color

Though it may seem strange that an air sign is associated with the color yellow, it makes sense given the mythological associations of the Gemini sign. Mercury was a clever, fast-paced, somewhat capricious god in Greek mythology who carried messages from the gods around the world.

Therefore, yellow seems a perfect match for that same lively energy. The color yellow is often associated with an exciting sense of exploration and change. Often, it conjures images of early morning sunshine or colorful blossoms.

Yellow can also be associated with some negative connotations. Sometimes, it appears overly bright and aggressive and can have a sickly nature. This makes it a perfect match for the ever-changing, constantly evolving attitude of the typical Gemini.

Whatever your association with yellow is, the color can match any mood and remain constant through any sudden shifts or rapid lifestyle changes.

Other Zodiac Colors

Green is the second most common color for Geminis. Rather than choosing deep or dark greens, try capturing some of that same Gemini warmth, brightness, and sunshine-y cheer in your green choices instead. As a symbol of change, growth, and development, green is a great choice for Geminis, as it often goes hand in hand with the same ideas that set Geminis apart from the other signs on the zodiac wheel.

Geminis sometimes choose bright blue as their power color. Again, this color symbolizes the optimism of the sign and its open nature while still displaying its ability to change from something bright and inviting to something darker and stormier in an instant.

Cancer (June 21 to July 22): Silver Color

Cancer is the sign of the moon. Because of this, the cool silver tones of its primary color make sense. A calm, healing color, it induces images of moonlit nights and swimming in the ocean.

While silver is often associated with wealth or success, it does have a more dangerous side as well. Silver was considered deceitful, enigmatic, or otherwise insincere in several ancient cultures. Cancers are often deceptive or evasive, so make sure you wear silver in moderation!

As a final note, the color silver has been associated with moon deities since ancient times. Silver in this context signifies one’s call to a higher purpose, the search for meaning, and the inspiration to rise above the current state of affairs.

Silver is an easy color to work into your wardrobe as watches, rings, or other accessories that can boost your power color without looking overwhelming.

Other Zodiac Colors

Other common colors for Cancer include white, pale blue, gray, or cream. As you choose which colors are appropriate for your wardrobe and your interior design, remember to keep the “moon” theme in mind.

Although white typically represents innocence and purity, it can also stand for clinical detachment or distant or ’empty’ energy. Overall, however, the message conveys hope, optimism, and a striving towards a better future.

In addition to what blue represents, gray can also represent maturity and intellectualism as a relaxing, soothing color. However, it can also symbolize indecision and a willingness to go unnoticed in the right situation. Nonetheless, it’s a cool, almost aloof color that can elevate any environment into something that appears a little bit more polished and professional than it might have previously appeared.

Leo (July 23 to August 22): Gold Color

Gold symbolizes wealth the moment you see it. With its symbolic meaning of power, prestige, strength, and influence, gold is one of nature’s most precious substances. There are many cultures, including medieval Christian societies, that saw gold as a symbol of divinity.

Gold might seem flashy, pretentious, or even a little arrogant to some. Gold, however, overcomes that image with warmth and clarity so that the end result is a remarkable color that represents compassion, generosity, and an unending sense of optimism.

Gold is most likely associated with Leo due to its association with the sun. Some believe that it may also have arisen due to Leo’s association with the Nemean lion. Even after death, the fur of the animal was said to have shone like gold, no matter what weapons were used on its surface.

Other Zodiac Colors

Other colors associated with the Leo sign may not be as intuitive as you might think. Burnt orange has many of the same connotations as purple – the reckless energy, the strength and courage, the zest for life – but purple is a bit unexpected.

In general, purple is associated with nobility, which is one of the reasons Leos are linked to royal purple. Many ancient cultures associated deep purple with the richest and most influential people, just as gold is often a symbol of wealth and influence.

This exclusivity is actually a result of the incredibly difficult process of producing purple cloth. The only source of this rich, almost black dye came from snails or mollusks that lived in a very specific region of ancient times. Due to its difficulty of production, the dye was extremely valuable.

Virgo (August 23 to September 22): Green Color

Growing goes hand-in-hand with green. Green is the power color for Virgo as it is an earth element associated with agriculture and new life. The specific shade of green isn’t as important as what this color represents, which is generosity, prosperity, luck, and rebirth.

Even the negative connotations of green can be traced back to the fast-moving, always-changing energy that makes green so appealing. Almost certainly you have heard the saying, “Green with envy”.

Additionally, green is typically associated with Mother Earth. In addition, this ties into the Virgo mythology, since Demeter, goddess of the earth and agriculture, was also often associated with the constellation.

A green color also evokes feelings of safety and relaxation. Similarly to blue, it can help you clear your mind of your stress and worries at the end of the day.

Other Zodiac Colors

Much like many of the other entries on this list, Virgo’s other colors are mainly based on sticking with the same color family. Therefore, the other popular power colors here are various earth tones such as browns, muted yellows, and other richer hues.

Most earth tones have a similar sense of grounded practicality and life potential in the rich browns, yellows, oranges and reds.

In general, you’ll want to stick to an almost autumnal color scheme to capture the grounding energies of Virgo that set it apart from more busy or aggressive signs.

Libra (September 23 to October 22): Blue Color

Blue is the most soothing color. According to research, blue reduces heart rate, lowers blood pressure, and creates a sense of calm that can provide refuge in an otherwise busy world.

Therefore, blue is often associated with peace, reliability, and quiet optimism. The blue color is often referred to as an “honest” color, as it conveys a sense of trustworthiness and dependability.

Some people may view blue as overly conservative, predictable, or even sad. Even so, if you’ve found yourself in a chaotic situation and need to restore some of the calm that we all so desperately need, blue might be your best bet.

The power color for Libra is a light blue, but it can be any shades.

Other Zodiac Colors

The sign of Libra is technically associated with a lighter color because its power color skews towards the lighter end of the color spectrum. Therefore, the other colors associated with this sign are also lighter in nature. Generally, you’ll want to choose cool pastel colors.

Libra’s other power colors are pastel pink, pistachio green, lavender, and peach orange. Each of these colors has a distinct difference from its brighter relatives because the “normal” colors are more aggressive.

Venus is the ruler of Libra, and the sign strives for harmony and balance. Many of Libra’s power colors are muted, more peaceful, and less “in your face” than their traditional counterparts.

Generally, stick with these soothing colors, but if you want to take things a step further, try a warm shade. The important thing is to focus on the balance, harmony, and overall sense of calm that pastel shades – as well as virtually any shade of blue – provide.

Scorpio (October 23 to November 21): Black Color

First glance, it appears that black has a far more negative connotation than a positive one. Black is a color of mourning in most Western cultures, and it is often associated with sadness, loss, depression, and grief. Beyond that, black is often considered an aggressive, dominant color, and that can be off-putting to many.

For most of history, black has also meant strength, authority, power, and influence. Black was the color of life to the ancient Egyptians and many other ancient cultures, as it symbolized the rich and fertile soil of a ready field. Only in recent years has black started to get a bad reputation.

Black is still a sophisticated, elegant color that elevates any event and provides a taste of mysterious luxury to any occasion. Its timeless class and effortless prestige should be more than enough to outweigh any fleeting negativity.

Other Zodiac Colors

Scorpio has many other colors associated with it that are also darkly dramatic and effortlessly intriguing in keeping with its power color themes. For a warmer color scheme, choose blood reds, crimsons, and maroons to capture the high-class sophistication that sometimes accompanies Scorpios.

When it comes to fashion and interior design, black is still a very popular shade, but it doesn’t have to be so dark. Choose deep, rich purples or navy blues. Colors of this intensity can have a similar impact and importance to black and red, without having to go to the extreme of their aggressive strength.

Overall, no matter the shade of Scorpio, the colors should be bold and dramatic. As long as you stick with colors that draw everyone’s attention, it’s very hard to make a mistake as a Scorpio.

Sagittarius (November 22 to December 21): Purple Color

It is only under Sagittarius that purple’s symbolism has its full impact. In addition to being a color of royalty, purple is also a color of wisdom and mystery.

For centuries, Sagittarius was considered the sign of prophets, mystics, and seers. The Greek mythology associated many centaurs with prophesying, so it’s no wonder purple is associated with spirituality, wisdom, fantasy, and foresight.

It doesn’t matter what shade you prefer; purple has a truly magical power that enlivens daily interactions and enchants the imagination. Purple’s negative impact may be related to high-strung emotions, sensitivity, or even immaturity, but overall it is a noble color, associated with luxury, intrigue, and brushes with higher consciousness.

Other Zodiac Colors

The signs of Sagittarius do not allow for a lot of variation. The power colors of Sagittarius, in fact, fall into the same general color scheme. If you’re looking for an alternative to true royal purple, consider dark blue or plum.

Several of Sagittarius’s power colors have a visual impact, as with Scorpio’s power colors. Sagittarius has long been associated with mysticism and magic in all of its forms, and the dark blues, reds, and purples of its power colors are meant to conjure that past.

As Sagittarius’s colors are dark and rich in cultural associations, they often correspond to the onerous position that those born under this sign are often said to naturally aspire to, regardless of their origin or position. In the Sagittarius zodiac, you will always rise to a new level, and the colors indicate that.

Capricorn (December 22 to January 19): Brown Color

If you’re concerned that brown is a “boring” color, don’t be afraid to explore a little more! As a color, brown has long been associated with strength, wisdom, and an ability to endure the test of time.

The color brown signifies maturity and a keen, sharp intelligence. Most ancient societies also valued it for the same reason as black: the rich tones reflect the possibility for growth and new life. As brown is one of the strongest colors of the earth, it ties in with Capricorn’s status as an earth element.

The color brown can also represent an ironclad moral standing. People born under Capricorn’s sign are often linked to loyalty, family, and strong moral values, which separates them from the world around them, which seems to be constantly losing its way.

Other Zodiac Colors

Typically, Capricorn is associated with the bones, the teeth, and the skin. So, the other power colors of Capricorn are related to the sense of cold, sharp determination, and steadfastness.

Grey is a symbol of professionalism and stability. And black can represent luxury, intrigue, and sophistication. Besides black and gray, Capricorns may also naturally gravitate towards dark browns rather than what you might expect when you think of “brown”.

Consider choosing earth tones with sharp edges, but don’t be afraid to go darker. Capricorn is an earth sign at its core, which allows it to choose colors adaptably. Even so, Capricorn as a sign tends to prefer neutral shades of gray, black, white, and brown to create a reserved, dependable, and sometimes mysterious appearance.

Aquarius (January 20 to February 18): Blue Color

Aquarius naturally has its primary power color in bright blue since the name says so right there. The main difference between this shade of blue and the ones we’ve seen used for other zodiac signs is its strength and energy.

In contrast to other zodiac signs that favor either pale, pastel shades of blue or dark, dramatic shades, Aquarius prefers bright, cheerful shades that remind viewers of the open sea or the sky. Aquarius is often associated with the bioelectric centers of the body, which may explain why people born under that sign lean to energetic, exciting shades of blue.

Consider blues that have a slight green tint, or blues that are a little bit brighter than what you usually think. Colors like these represent life, change, and a potential for growth and evolution that goes beyond the usual connotations of blue.

Other Zodiac Colors

Due to Aquarius’s characteristic of air and not water, you may want to steer clear of colors that appear too oceanic. In this regard, greens and blacks with deeper shades may feel a little bit depressing or overly dramatic.

Instead, you may find yourself drawn to more “airy” colors. Look for pale yellow or gold tones that reflect the movement of the celestial bodies in the sky. Another popular choice for Aquariuses is white, which reflects the bright energy of the open air and the blinding warmth of the sun above. Colors that are warm, energetic, and capable of changing completely at a moment’s notice are ideal.

Overall, though, one should probably stick with Aquarius’ “true” color, which is the equally calming and intriguing off-blue hues of turquoise blue and aquamarine.

Pisces (February 19 to March 20): Green Color

Contrary to the previous entry, Pisces is very much tied to the ocean, and so its colors should be too. Pisces’ best color is green, especially a seafoam green. A light, almost pastel shade, it evokes the boundless energy and constantly shifting waves of the open ocean.

Seafoam green appears almost blue at first glance, but the powerful undertones of green add a sense of life and excitement to what would otherwise be a pastel color. Pisces chooses colors that are associated with life, growth, change, and luck, and those qualities are reflected in the greens they choose.

Additionally, the slightly calmer and harmonizing notes of seafoam green are a symbol of Pisces. The more you desire to unite the people around you, the more affinity you may develop for these specific shades of green.

Other Zodiac Colors

Because of Pisces’ strong affinity for the sea, most of the colors it favors will fall within the same general category. While Scorpio seeks drama and Sagittarius mysticism, Pisces seeks empathy, harmony, and the power of the sea.

Find shades of blue and green that remind you of the ocean. Almost all shades of blue and dark blue-green fall into your power color wheel, so never be afraid to choose the ones that you find more comfortable.

Neutrals would be blue-grays or green-grays that remind you of the way the sea looks after a storm. You should never be afraid to embrace the unique qualities that distinguish your sign from the other signs in the zodiac cycle. Pisces is one of the stronger water signs.


Using the colors recommended for your astrological sign can help you draw energies from the various signs of the zodiac. It is possible to do this by wearing your birthstones and wearing your power colors. Using the right colors can also help you create a striking interior design. Try to stick to the energy of colors!

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