You can have a beautiful Christmas tree!

Christmas tree colors

Have you prepared a Christmas tree this year? Everyone’s first purchase for Christmas is a Christmas tree. Today, Christmas trees come in a variety of colors. It is very important to decorate these trees.

In the following, we will see a history of the Christmas tree, tips for decorating them, and colorful Christmas trees that I will put together to get your idea.

Let’s see:

History of the Christmas Tree

In Germany, Estonia and Lithuania, the decoration of the evergreen pine tree as a Christmas tree became popular in the 14th century.

The first recorded Christmas tree in British history. This claim is formed in books and pictures left from the houses of English aristocrats in the 18th century. However, the Germans believe that the use of the first Christmas tree belongs to them.

Also, since the 19th century, aristocrats in many parts of Europe have been decorating trees for Christmas, and later tree decorations became more common.

An old picture of a girl and a boy in a house with new clothes next to the Christmas tree.

Prior to the 18th century in Poland, people hung branches of poplar on the roof of the house and decorated it. From the 18th century onwards, spruce branches were replaced by Christmas trees.

In addition, in Georgia there are trees called chichilaki, which people make from the dried branches of the hazelnut tree and use as a Christmas tree.

An old painting of a hospital in Germany with a Christmas tree for the sick.

Christmas tree legends

There are legends about choosing a tree to decorate for Christmas.

One of the legends is about Martin Luther, a German priest. Legend has it that one night as Martin Luther was walking in the woods, he noticed a pine tree with starlight passing through its foliage. So, he brought a tree branch to his house and decorated it with candles so that he could draw the scene he saw for his family. And so some believe that Martin Luther is the founder of the Christmas tree.

Another legend about this is from the English St. Unifas. Indeed, in this legend, St. Unifas leaves his country and goes to Germany. He cut down trees and decorated them to encourage the Germans to become interested in Christianity. Gradually, the decoration of such trees became widespread.

A painting of St. Unifas talking in the crowd next to a Christmas tree.

Decorate the Christmas tree

Decorating Christmas trees varies depending on each person’s taste. Basically, there are decorations that can be said to be fixed on any tree. For example:

I- Usually a star is placed on top of each Christmas tree. This star symbolizes the birth and enlightenment of Christ.

II- Glass balls are used to beautify the Christmas tree.

III- Hanging chocolates and candies, which is a symbol of blessing.

A Christmas tree covered with yellow light filaments.

Tips for decorating a Christmas tree

Here are some tips to make your Christmas tree more beautiful. Let’s see:

1• The Christmas tree should be colorful and well-composed.

2• Stick to a color palette to decorate your tree!  Doing so will make your tree more beautiful.

3• It is better that your chosen palette is of winter and classic colors.

4• Glass or plastic spheres of the tree can be opaque or glossy.

5• Use colored threads with LED lights.  This will make your tree look brighter.

6• The use of musical dolls is not widely used.  In fact, its use is not mandatory!  

7• Hanging pine and holly fruits can also help the beauty of the Christmas tree.

Picture of a small Christmas tree with beautiful decorations, star on top of the tree, pine fruits, star toppers, golden ball and holly fruit.

Colorful Christmas trees

As I said before, Christmas trees come in a variety of colors these days. In the following, I will provide pictures of Christmas trees with various colors and decorations to inspire you and make your favorite Christmas tree.

White Christmas tree with colored balls
Blue Christmas tree with a large silver star topper on top of the tree and silver pendants.
Black Christmas tree with white ribbon decorations and white and gold balls
Green Christmas tree with colored threads, red and white pendants, glass spheres and reindeer toppers.
Orange Christmas tree with autumn theme, plantain leaf pendants, pine fruit, oak, white paper flowers and white and orange plastic balls.
White Christmas tree decorated with green leaves, pink ribbons, colored pendant balls and heart toppers.
Christmas tree with white candles in the shape of white candles, dried oranges, holly fruit and pictures of Mary and Jesus
Pink Christmas tree decorated with white and silver balls.
A small Christmas tree on a fireplace decorated with red ribbons, red pendants, a string with colored lights, and a golden star topper
Christmas tree with white and gold pendant balls and golden thread
Christmas tree with white ribbons and white and matte silver pendant balls.

The last word

Every year, as Christmas approaches, the biggest concern of every person is choosing a Christmas tree and decorating it. By knowing the tips, you can achieve this goal very quickly and easily.

I hope you are not confused yet to choose the tree and decorate it! Merry Christmas 🎄

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