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Weekly Color Palette Inspiration

weekly color palette inspiration by dopely colors

Finding an appropriate Color palette for your designs is an issue that makes every designers confused! It is really hard to have a great color palette which you didn’t use it before!
But Dopely colors is here to help you! we bring you this post as the first part of weekly color palette inspiration posts, in our magazine! Hope you enjoy:

1st idea: Funny and cute!

Color palette inspiration with: Cadet Blue(699A98) + Sea Buckthorn(EFA445) + Cinnabar(DD5338) + Cabaret(D14873)

2nd idea: Deep as an ocean!

Color Palette inspiration with: Dark Green (002539) + Chathams Blue (28576B) + Half Baked (4F8A8E) + Jet Stream (BFD3C8)

3rd idea: autumn in Jungle!

Color Palette inspiration with: Ecstasy (C95639) + California (E89930) + Travertine (DFD7C4) + Eden (276868)

4th Color Palette inspiration: Pastel and Gum!

Color Palette idea with: Bittersweet (FB7564) + Gum Leaf (B0CBAA) + Double Pearl Lusta (E6DBBB) + Fountain Blue (58A4AC)

5th idea: Health and alive!

Color Palette inspiration with: Rajah (FCA264) + Water Leaf (A7E8D2) + Olivine (A0C365) + Viridian (478A61)

6th Color Palette inspiration: Coffee smell!

Color Palette inspiration with: Espresso (4D2E2B) + Anzac (C69139) + Equator (D9B569) + Hampton (EAD7A0)

7th idea: hoopoe!

Color Palette inspiration with: Amber (FFC001) + Brown Bramble (55311B) + Old Lace (FEFBEA) + Sunset Orange (FB5132)

8th Color Palette inspiration: Flowers!

Color Palette inspiration with: Honey Flower (663F6C) + Rouge (A2416F) + Amaranth (E54255) + Salmon (FD7F83)

9th idea: Shark’s swimming!

Color Palette inspiration with: Green Spring (ADB697) + Gossamer (3B9883) + Regal Blue (1B3158) + Sapphire (210639)

10th Color Palette: Sweet and Soft!

Color Palette inspiration with: Blush (AF595D) + Rajah (FCB663) + Wafer (D3C0B1) + Manatee (9092AB)


this weekly color palette inspiration post, has came from Dopely Colors Instagram daily color palette inspiration, if you liked this post and it was helpful for you, don’t miss that!

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