Weekly color palette inspiration

weekly color palette inspiration by dopely colors

Colors are one of the most inspiring things in the world for artist minds, and a color palette ? even more!!

All the people that came across colors know how important and game changing a proper color palette can be, and how a correct choice of color can turn an ordinary work of artist into a masterpiece

So in order to help designers and illustrators – artists in general – here is some good inspiration to begin working with, and to speed you up in color choosing;

1st palette: fire of camping

color palette inspiration of: Eggplant(553653) + Cream Can (F7CD70) + Flamingo (EA6935) + Flush Mahogany (CF414F)

2nd palette: the sky, river and flowers!

color palette inspiration of: Blue Bayoux (485B79) + Iceberg (CEEDF2) + Spindle (ADBAE7) + Mandys Pink (F6B8B6)

3rd palette: little girl among the grass

color palette inspieation of: Cascade (8CACA7) + Beryl Green (D8E9BF) + Melanie (E9CDDC) + Cameo (DBAAA6)

4th palette: purple gem on soil

color palette inspiration of: Silver (C2C2C2) + Mongoose(B9957D) + Trendy Pink (906EA0) + Bossanova (492354)

5th palette: candies in the jar

color palete inspiration of: Cape Honey(FDE9B6) + Porsche(E9C161) + Calypso (318492) + Sunglo (E36373)

6th palette: blue jeans & pink socks

color palette inspiration of: Pink Salmon(FE9097) + Loafer(F8F9ED) + Blue Bayoux(576981) + Biscay(1F346D)

7th palette: chili food & pepper

color palette inspiration of: Bunker(030405)+ Web Orange(FFA300) + Scarlet(FB2C00) + Hollywood Cerise(CE00A3)

8th palette: calmness of everyday life

color palette inspiration of: Manhattan(F7CF91) + Half Colonial White(FDF7D7) + Blumine(17616D) + Medium Purple(975AEB)

9th palette: the sun & soft sky

color palette inspiration of: Selago(EFECFD) + Perfume(E7D2FA) + French Gray(B6BAC5) + West Side(FD940C)

10th palette: powerful colors next to each other

color palette inspiration of: Rhino(383367) + Casablanca(F9AD4B) +Thunderbird(C92B11) + Palm Green(072314)

hope you enjoyed it and found it useful

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