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Weekly color palette inspiration

weekly color palette inspiration by dopely colors

Colors are our biggest inspiration to start a design. Here are up to 10 color palette inspiration to get you ideas.

Colors can convey different emotions. When designing a site, it is very important to be aware of the effect of colors so that you can convey the right message to the audience.

Just as you have seen the choice of cool and warm colors for the color of the room wall, the use of cold and warm shades when making face makeup or the conscious use of colors in advertising logos, the right choice of colors for designing a site is the same. It is important.

Depending on the message you want to convey to the audience through the site or the type of product that your site offers to the audience, you should consciously use warm and cool colors. In such a way should be warm colors to convey a sense of comfort, joy and excitement.

And cool colors to convey a sense of calm, peace and relief. Of course, in using them, you must also observe balance. Because excessive use of warm and cold colors, respectively, conveys a sense of anger and boredom.

Here are 10 inspirational color palettes that you can use to design your site, attract the attention of the audience and turn them into your regular fans. Let’s see these color palettes:

1st color palette inspiration: Pumpkin on the farm!

Color palette inspiration with: Prussian Blue (01256F) + Pumpkin (F56E12) + Gamboge (F19709) + Splash (EED39C)

2nd color palette inspiration: Orange tree!

Color palette inspiration with: Sangria (9F2901) + Orange Peel (F79702) + Turtle Green (3A4419) + Splash (F1D397)

3rd color palette inspiration: Summer picnic!

Color palette inspiration with: Prussian Blue (C55A4A) + Pumpkin (F5634F) + Rose Bud (FCB79B) + Pale Oyster (988970)

4th color palette inspiration: Bouquet on the table!

Color palette inspiration with: Palatinate Purple (5A1C5A) + Pompadour (70143D) + Old Rose (C13262) + Harvest Gold (F1BA71)

5th color palette: Sunset at sea!

Color palette inspiration with: Cello (355565) + Scooter (2F969F) + Nepal (98B3BE) + Pearl Bush (DECABF)

6th color palette: Fresh mint!

Color palette inspiration with: Madang (C4E9B7) + Mint Julep (D2DBA3) + Chinook (98B3BE) + Santas Grey (9896AD)

7th color palette: Coral beach algae!

Color palette inspiration with: Merlot (753240) + Coral Tree (B36F6C) + Pink Flare (D9B4B4) + Highball (85833A)

8th color palette: Ready to date!

Color palette inspiration with: Gurkha (958969) + Dixie (CA8630) + Como (547F5A) + Sherpa Blue (00404A)

9th color palette: Candies in the shop!

Color palette inspiration with: Horigon (608796) + Dolly (F3E664) + Nugget (C28D23) + Gligarin (DA2544)

10th color palette: Bubble gum!

Color palette inspiration with: Downy (71E3A7) + Gu Chico (A27056) + Just Right (DEBCA6) + Khaki (F3EA86)

Hope you enjoy!
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