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Weekly Color Palette Inspiration

dopely weekly color palette inspiration

Colors can affect human thoughts and feelings. That’s why choosing the right color for your surroundings is so important. This is why I am back today with the introduction of 10 color palette inspiration!

Based on research in the field of medicine, it has been determined that colors can be used to fight mental problems and diseases. In fact, it is possible to increase or decrease the use of certain colors to cure some mental and physical illnesses.

The use of colors can not be limited to the surrounding space. You can add colors to your clothes and even the food you eat and after a while you will see its effect in improving your condition.

If you want to use the colors around you and take advantage of their effect on your mood, here are 10 inspirational color palettes for you. Let’s get some ideas:

1st color palette inspiration: Halloween Pumpkins!

Color palette inspiration with: Eternity (282827) + Persian Red (CE3138) + Cinnabar (E9523C) + Neon Carrot (FF9A41) + Lochmara (327D9C) + Polo Blue (7CA1CE)

2nd color palette inspiration: Mochi!

Color palette inspiration with: Powder Blue (B8DEE8) + Scooter (339CA6) + Air Force Blue (5389A4) + Amethyst Smoke (A07EA2) + Can Can (CD7D9E) + Deep Blush (E16180)

3rd color palette inspiration: Autumn day sunset!

Color palette inspiration with: Ce Soir (9A7BA5) + Can Can (D57EA3) + Cinnabar (E4372E) + Persian Red (C72C2A) + Cinnabar (ED5732) + Indian Tan (49241C)

4th color palette inspiration: Pacific Ocean!

Color palette inspiration with: Light Cyan (C2F2FE) + Tropical Blue (B5C8E9) + Puerto Rico (3FBBAD) + Puerto Rico (4CA8AB) + Spectra (336751) + Zuccini (144138)

5th color palette: Lavender Garden!

Color palette inspiration with: Medium Purple (8C81E0) + Affair (674B86) + Deep Blush (E1638B) + Lilac (BD82BC) + Ruby (C71155) + Persian Indigo (381A73)

6th color palette: Luca!

Color palette inspiration with: Sherpa Blue (023547) + Allports (17718B) + Bright Turquoise (1CCEE8) + Turquoise (27EEC4) + Mountain Meadow (1BE37E) + Forest Green (28A71A)

7th color palette: Green tea!

Color palette inspiration with: Vista Blue (93D5A7) + Gulf Stream (7AB9A5) + Blue Chill (3B818A) + Conifer (A3D94A) + Fern (6BB65C) + Killarney (486E44)

8th color palette: Mardi Gras Carnival!

Color palette inspiration with: Mardi Gras (3B2339) + Tiber (184C49) + Salem (128C50) + Rose Bud Cherry (8A3668) + Jazzberry Jam (A11348) + Torch Red (FE0041)

9th color palette: Cool Lemonade!

Color palette inspiration with: Aquamarine (7AFCD6) + Bondi Blue (0191B4) + Citrus (83AF03) + Mint Green (B6FFAE) + Radical Red (F3296A) + Carmine (A3023A)

10th color palette: Ocean Mermaid!

Color palette inspiration with: Navy (020360) + Persian Blue (1533C8) + Cornflower Blue (4F95E1) + Pale Magenta (F68AE2) + Dark Orchid (BE28CF) + Medium Violet Red (B61F6B)

Hope you enjoy!
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