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We live in a world of colors. In fact, we are used to the existence of colors. So it is natural to consider colors in any design. This is why I came back today with the introduction of 10 color palette inspiration.

According to psychologists, colors have many effects on the human psyche. On the other hand, each color has a positive meaning and a negative meaning.

So different people get different emotions from colors. By knowing the colors correctly and using them properly in our designs, we can also convey the right message to the audience.

Here are 10 color palette based on monochrome colors. Do you know anything about monochrome colors? These monochrome color palettes consist of a main color, shade and tones of that main color.

By getting ideas from these monochrome palettes, you can use the right color palette in your design and convey your message to others.
Let’s see:

1st color palette inspiration: Azure Blue Ocean!

Color palette inspiration with: Wild Blue Yonder (8090B4) + Periwinkle (BCC9E7) + San Marino (5470AE) + Polo Blue (94BBCF)

2nd color palette inspiration: The Sky After The Rain!

Color palette inspiration with: Lochmara (2F739D) + Polo Blue (91B7CA) + Steel Blue (5183AE) + Light Steel Blue (A8C5DC)

3rd color palette inspiration: Volkswagen Blue On The Road!

Color palette inspiration with: Lochinvar (4A9076) + Opal (B0C8C2) + Allports (1F8181) + Gulf Stream (80B5AD)

4th color palette inspiration: Swan On The Lake!

Color palette inspiration with: French Pass (9AC8DD) + Pale Turquoise (C6E4F3) + Alice Blue (E5F7FE) + Pattens Blue (DBEFF3)

5th color palette: The Smell Of Oranges!

Color palette inspiration with: Buff (F3E37F) + Wheat (F3E9AC) + Saffron (F5CA38) + Drover (FDEAA1)

6th color palette: Old Books In The Library!

Color palette inspiration with: Apache (CDA454) + Astra (EFD2AC) + Cherokee (F5CA85) + Drover (FDE9A1)

7th color palette: Copper Kitchen Utensils!

Color palette inspiration with: Peru (CC874D) + Pancho (E1C19E) + Rodeo Dust (CCA58E) + Fair Pink (F4E6DA)

8th color palette: Chocolate Cake!

Color palette inspiration with: Contessa (BA685C) + Blossom (E0B2B1) + Golden Brown (A95A11) + Calico (D1AC7F)

9th color palette: Spring Blossoms!

Color palette inspiration with: Froly (E26A68) + We Peep (FDDADE) + Wax Flower (F3B7AE) + Wewak (F38E8D)

10th color palette: Halloween Pumpkin!

Color palette inspiration with: Pumpkin (F56D1E) + Geraldine (EC716B) + Tacao (F2A684) + Dark Salmon (EB8873)

Hope you enjoy!
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