Wear the Best Clothes with These Color Ideas!

a pair of all star on autumn leaves

I think we have all lost time, at least for once.  At that moment, probably all we’re saying to ourselves is wear the best clothes and make an appointment on time!

But the thing that makes it harder for us to go on time is definitely the choice of clothes. What color to choose to wear at that time is confusing.

Here are some ideas for you to reduce the amount of time you look in your closet in amazement, and to help you take action very quickly.  When you have little time, you have trouble choosing the color and type of clothes.

Let’s take a look at these ways of salvation!

1. Wear lace blouse 

a girl that wear lace blouse

Use a lace blouse, which has a neutral color, such as white, black. Or even bright colors, such as pink with jeans or fabric skirts that contrast with the lace blouse, make your style unique. This style can also be used for business appointments.

a girl that wear lace blouse on the chair

2. Wear baggy pants

a girl that wear baggy pants and black bust

If you are going to prepare for a friendly party and you do not know what to wear, choosing baggy pants, fabric or jeans will help you a lot.  You can also choose and wear a skirt with a contrasting color or in the shade of the color of your pants.

a girl that wear baggy pants and white bust

3. Wear coats and skirts

a girl that wear black coats and skirts

One of the most important women’s styles for business appointments and formal parties is choosing a jacket and skirt.  Great if your coat and skirt are the same color or at least close together.

a girl that wear black coats and skirts with black bust

4. Wear shirt

a girl that wear stripes shirt

Another formal style is to use a top or a shirt with fabric pants or skirt.  In this type of style, the use of complementary and preferably neutral colors makes you very simple and stylish.  Besides you can match the color of your shoes and hang accessories in your shirt color.

a girl that wear white shirt

5. Wear colored socks

a girl that wear colored socks

If you are in a hurry to go out, but at the same time the appearance and color of your clothes are important to you, you can use colored socks that are as similar in color to one of the colors of your clothes, or pants or shirt or even your bag.  Be between us, this is the way I do most of the time.

a boy that wear black and white socks

6. Wear multicolored clothes

woman's outfit

There is a misconception that sometimes people think they can not wear clothes with close colors, and this is completely wrong.  You can do this but with a special rule.  The colors should not be so much that it bothers your eyes.

On the other hand, you can choose a coat or dress that contains several colors, and choose the color of other clothes based on the colors in it.

Like the picture, which is a person’s jumpsuit in red, yellow, orange, green and so on.  Therefore, the person has chosen a bag and shoes that have colors that are also present in her clothes.

a girl that wear colored  jumpsuit

7. Wear another multicolored clothes

women's outfit for autumn

Colors that you sometimes think are not compatible at all can have a surprising effect on your style, such as the image of green pants and a brick bag.  I must admit that I sometimes think so too.

Of course, it should be noted that the colors chosen by this person are all present in his woven clothes, and in a way, like the previous image of this person, the technique of using a colorful dress and choosing the other colors by the colors in her clothes, has benefited.

a girl that put on floral dress

8.Use coordinated bags and shoes

a girl that use coordinated bags and shoes

Another way, for when you really do not have time to think and choose clothes, it is best to choose clothes with neutral colors and you can match the color of accessories such as your bag and shoes.

 a girl that put on black bags and shoes

9. Wear long coat

a girl that use long coat

If you have a long coat at home, it is the best choice to wear it at friendly parties.  You can wear a skirt or shorts under the coat, and you can also match the bag or shoes with the color of the coat.  This method is very simple, convenient and accessible.

a girl that wear blue coat

10. Use belt

a girl that use black belt

If you are invited to a formal party, one of the ways to make you look stylish is to use a belt that contrasts with the color of your pants.  Moreover, you can match the color of the belt with your bag or shoes or even your shirt.

a girl that use red belt

11. Put on jean jacket and skirt

 a girl that put on jean jacket and skirt

One of my favorite styles for going out is wearing a t-shirt and skirt.  You can also match the color of your T-shirt and shoes and use a short jean jacket to complete your style.

 a girl that put on jean jacket and  red skirt

12. Put on scarf

a girl that use colorful scarf

Wearing a scarf can undoubtedly change your style all the time.  If you have a dark style, it is better to use light colored scarves.

a girl that put on a scarf for winter

13. Put on long knitwear

a girl with long knitwear and black belt

Certainly, one of the beautiful styles that you can use in autumn is to use a long knitwear with boots.  The color of your clothes should be better than cold and neutral colors.  In addition, you can use a belt to make your style more stylish.

a girl that put on white knitwear

14.Put on turtleneck

 a girl that put on cream turtleneck

Another simple fall style is to use a turtleneck and fabric pants.  But not all your clothes need to have the same colors.  You can also use colors that are complementary or close to each other.

 a girl that put on black turtleneck

15. Put on long overcoat

 a girl with  pink long overcoat

Above all, one of the minimal and popular winter styles is using a long overcoat with baggy pants.  In this type of style, it is better to take the clothes under your overcoat under your pants, and preferably use a belt.  In addition to this, you can use any color to complete your style and You can even choose any of them in the desired color, which I think is more beautiful.

 a girl with  red long overcoat




No, I did not forget the gentlemen.  Now let’s take a look at the following styles!

16. Put on coat and pants

a boy that put on coat and pants

In addition to the suit, there is another formal form, which is the use of a sports jacket and a T-shirt.  You can also use it at friendly parties.  Even so, it is better that the color of the suit is not the same.

a boy that put onsuit

17. Put on coat and jeans

a boy that uses jeans

A style for friendly parties is the use of coats and jeans.  You can use coats with neutral and light colors.  But a darker t-shirt.  This kind of balances your style.

a boy that put on coat

18. Put on shirt

a boy that wear blue shirt

A minimal style for men is to use a simple shirt and a pair of pants with sneakers.  This style is great and popular for hot summer days.  You can use a lot of bright colors in this style.

a happy boy with checkered shirt

19.Put on t-shirts, shirts and jackets

a boy that put on t-shirt, shirt and jacket

One of the most popular styles among boys is the layered style.  In addition to being beautiful, it is very comfortable and usable.  In this way, they first wear a T-shirt, then a shirt and then a jacket on other clothes.  And you can choose colors that are as close to each other as possible, for example, can be a ton of gray.

 a man put on t-shirt, shirt and jacket with his bag

20.Put on hoodies and jackets

a boy put on hoodie and jacket

Another winter style is to use a hoodie and a jacket.  It is better that the color of the hoodie and jacket complement each other, which adds to the charm of this style.

a boy put on white hoodie and jacket


These ideas were just part of my personal ideas.  There are undoubtedly more ideas for quickly choosing a dress with the right color.

In this case, it is enough to check the air temperature before going out and wear clothes with complementary, contrasting colors and even with darker and lighter shades.  With daily practice, you can develop this ability in yourself.

I assure you, the quick choice of colors for clothes is just mastering the color wheel and helps you to make the right choice much easier than before.

What other ideas do you have ?  Share them with me.

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