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Unicorn: Magical and Colorful Creature!

unicorn colors

Would you like to see a unicorn up close? This is the dream of almost every little girl! In fact, the Unicorn is a mythical creature, a beautiful white horse with long white mane and a spiral horn on its head.

But where did this myth come from? What has made this mythical creature so popular around the world? These are questions that we will answer shortly. Let’s start the journey to the magical world of unicorns:

History of the Unicorn Legend

As I said before, the Unicorn is a horse with a horn on its head. It is not clear exactly where the Unicorn myth came from, but some have linked it to Greece.

In fact, unicorns are not mentioned in Greek mythology. But Greek writers on natural history have named unicorns. For example, in his book Indika, Ctesias describes unicorns as wild, white donkeys with 28-inch-long horns.

In addition, the image of a unicorn is engraved on a prominent statue in the capital of ancient Iran, Persepolis. This unicorn has a head in the shape of a deer, a tail in the shape of a boar, legs in the shape of an elephant and the rest of the body in the shape of a horse. This unicorn is also depicted with a horn on the head that protrudes from the middle of the forehead and is 13 inches long.

Further, in European literature, the unicorn is depicted as a millennial creature resembling a goat or horse, white with long, elongated and spiral horns, and also severed hooves. The Bible also describes an animal called the re’em, which translates as unicorn.

In the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, the unicorn was considered a forest and wild creature, which is a symbol of purity and rarity. A creature that has bitter flesh but its horn has the power to heal the sick and its blood has the power of eternal life. It is also said that unicorns are calmed and tamed only by virgins.

Unicorn colors

In legends, unicorns are identified with these colors. In this way, the unicorns are golden when they are small. Some time later, when they grow up, they turn silver, and when they reach puberty, they turn white.

Of course, today’s unicorns are very different in color from the legendary unicorns. Today’s unicorns are usually depicted with rainbow, blue, pink, and purple edges.

Unicorn popularity

It is a myth that unicorns prefer women to men and they are tamed by virgins. Also, the magical powers associated with it, such as if one can touch a unicorn to stay happy forever, have made unicorns a symbol of purity, kindness and joy. This is a big and strong reason why unicorns are very popular among everyone, especially girls. Isn’t that so?

Color palette inspiration of Unicorns

In my opinion, the most attractive color palette that can be thought of is the color palette inspired by unicorns. My reason is also clear because you are supposed to have a color palette full of bright and happy colors.

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The last word

You have probably once wanted to see this fascinating and legendary creature up close. Who does not want to? However, some consider unicorns to be only a part of stories and legends. While others believe that unicorns exist in the real world, they may have hidden themselves from others and lived somewhere far away. What do you think? Do you want to believe that unicorns are real or mythical?

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