The joy of painting with Bob Ross colors!

Bob Ross colors

Do you enjoy painting? In the case of Bob Ross, the answer is yes. Because he shared with others his “the joy of painting”. If you know Bob Ross, you know how he conveyed this joy to others with his special technique and few tools.

But if you do not know him. I am here to introduce you to him, his style, tools, colors and paintings. Maybe we can get inspiration for our work from the popular color palette of Bob Ross. Let’s enjoy painting:

Who is Bob Ross?

Robert Norman Ross, better known as Bob Ross, was the painter, creator, and host of the television show “The joy of Painting”. Due to the popularity of Bob Ross, his technique, speech, and paintings, the show aired for 11 years on PBS in the United States and Canada.

Bob Ross joined the US Navy at the age of 17, and this was the beginning of his adventures.  Because he was taken to Alaska, and for the first time Bob saw snow-capped mountains there. These landscapes inspired most of his later paintings.

After finishing his service, Ross went to many classes to learn painting. But the classical teaching method was boring for him. So Bob decided to invent his own method.

His technique in oil painting was the wet-on-wet technique. In the classic method, the underlying layers should be completely dry and then another layer should be placed on it. But in the Bob Ross technique, you can put layers of paint on top of each other and draw an effect in less time.

An image of Bob Ross, the background of which is one of his own paintings.

What colors does Bob Ross use?

In addition to Bob Ross’ special technique, his solid color palette and limited tools also made him popular.

Indeed, Bob always used 4 tools for his illustrations, including: A 2 inch brush, a fan brush, a narrow round brush and his do-it-all palette knife.

Picture of the brushes that Bob Ross used to draw.

Also, the color palette of Bob Ross’s paintings was created from 13 identical colors, which were always in their own order in his palette. These colors include:

Alizarin Crimson (#4E1500)

Bright Red (#DB0000)

Yellow Ocher (#C79B00)

Indian Yellow (#FFB800)

Cadmium Yellow (#FFCC00)

Titanium White (#FFFFFF)

Sap Green (#0A3410)

Phthalo Green (#102E3C)

Prussian Blue (#021E44)

Phthalo Blue (#0C0040)

Dark Sienna (#5F2E1F)

Van Dyke Brown (#221B15)

Midnight Black (#000000)

In fact, Bob Ross’s genius was simplification. He wanted to keep everything simple and make drawing possible and accessible to all people.

A palette of colors that Bob Ross used only to paint and mix.

Bob Ross and his paintings

I said a moment ago that Bob Ross was interested in making most people think painting was possible. He calmed the audience with a calm tone and words such as “Every day is a good day to live” and encouraged them to draw.

Most of his paintings were from natural landscapes, from snow-capped mountains to waterfalls, lush forests, blue skies and sometimes with happy clouds!

So, all of these scenes were created by Bob Ross with a wet-on-wet technique, with bold brush strokes. And he constantly reminds his viewers not to be afraid of painting:

“There are no mistakes, only happy accidents.”

Here are some of Bob Ross’ paintings with its color palette to inspire your work.

Bob Ross painting of a forest landscape with green trees and rising sky and a calm lake with its color palette.
Bob Ross painting from a forest and a large green tree with its color palette.
Bob Ross painting of a forest and wooden hut in the middle of an autumn forest with yellow leaves and a quiet lake next to the hut with its color palette.
Bob Ross painting of a winter forest and a snow hut, snow-capped mountains, bare trees and a frozen lake with its color palette.
Bob Ross's painting of a snow-capped mountain, a roaring river and a lush forest on a hill with its color palette.
Bob Ross painting of mountains, green trees and cloudy skies with its color palette.
Bob Ross's painting of the setting sun, a calm lake and autumn forest with its color palette.
Bob Ross painting of a southern forest with beautiful palm trees, sunset sky, a quiet lake and three birds flying in the sky with its color palette.

The last word

Bob Ross taught his audience beautiful paintings. But above all, it was inviting others to see the beauty around and pay attention to detail. With his metaphorical and charming expression, he introduced us to his own view of life and inner peace. Like, “This little cloud is rejoicing there,” “Having a tree as a friend is okay.” And “Little squirrels live and play here.”

He recorded all the episodes of “The joy of painting” for free and drew mental images of natural landscapes in all parts. If you want, you can still learn the happy drawings of Bob Ross. To me he is the most inspiring contemporary painter!

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