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What Makeup Color Is the Best for Different Seasons

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The changes in environmental colors in different seasons of the year, make us choose different colors for our style and try to choose the best colors for each season. For example, in hot seasons such as summer, it is more appropriate to use light clothes, because the skin color gets darker. And in cold seasons like winter, clothing styles with dark colors show themselves more.
Your makeup color also should be in harmony with the amount of heat or cold of each season and the colors in nature, and create a pleasant harmony in your face. This will make your makeup look more professional.

Depending on the temperature in each season and the colors that exist in nature, we can coordinate the cosmetic colors and the concentration and intensity of these colors with each season.

If you are looking to find out what makeup color is more appropriate for each season, I am here to help you and I recommend you to not miss this article.

The best makeup colors for Spring

Spring is a season in which everything gets refreshed. The colors of this season are fresh and happy colors like green, pink and etc. You can choose your makeup and clothes according to the natural colors, or paying attention to the color of the year.

With the beginning of spring, the skin of the face returns to its normal state. Facial makeup is more durable in this season. Also, if you are not interested in makeup, you can be natural and only use lipstick.

The best makeup colors for Summer

Everyone knows that summer is a hot season, and dark and warm colors can absorb heat; so we should not use dark colors like black and dark blue at all. Instead of these colors, we can use cool and neutral colors such as yellow, white, gray, light pink and etc.

The best makeup color for Autumn

Due to the cold weather in autumn, it is better to choose your clothes from warmer colors to convey a greater sense of warmth. Accordingly, it is recommended to use darker colors for your makeup. This season is almost in the middle of the year and it has colors from the first and second half of the year. You can use most colors in this season.

The best makeup color for Winter

In winter, most of the colors that are used for style are dark. So you can also use dark and nude colors for your makeup.


The choice of color for makeup can be related to several factors; such as personal taste or skin color or even the environment in which you are going to be present. But even the best makeup artists pay attention to the seasons of the year to do makeup in addition to other factors.

I recommend you to be patient to learn cosmetic tricks and treat your face like a painting canvas on which you are going to draw your best art!

Comment below if you know some other makeup tricks.

Hope you enjoy it!

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