The 7 Best Online Color Palette Generator Tools in 2021

Our goal today is to examine online color palette generator tools available on the web. Previously, I have looked at online gradient generators and color converters on inside color blog, and I found it to be useful for creatives and designers. So, it’s time for a comparison of color palette generators. 

One of the most important elements in design is color! Color is more than just what you see, they have personality and can easily influence emotions and evoke certain feelings. In less than only 90 seconds, people make a subconscious judgment about a design – and between 62% and 90% of that judgment is based on color alone! So, it really matters to choose a color scheme wisely when you start a new design.

Let see how to choose a color scheme for any design and differences and features between each color palette types.

The Designer’s Quick Guide to Pick a suitable Color Scheme

When choosing a color palette, it is better to use the color theory scheme, since it is a set of rules that takes into account many concepts such as contrast, harmony and beauty, so it makes selecting a palette easier and still professional.

If you are a designer, you need to know how to choose the right hues, tints, shades, and color systems. So you should read articles on color theory and color terms, don’t miss them! This article will briefly explain different color schemes and properties of each.

How to Choose the Best Color Palette?

There is no need to feel overwhelmed. The majority of the hard work of choosing color schemes and colors can be eliminated with a few well-placed tips and tricks. In this article, we are going to see where to use different color schemes.

Analogous color palettes, pleasing to eyes!

When colors sit nearly on color wheel, then it is an analogous color palette. It is widely seen in nature. It can made with different hues (like red, orange and yellow), or by a monochromatic palette and adding neutral colors as black, white, and gray (shade, tint and tone). It is easy to use, simple to apply, and can often lead to a more united, harmonious look.

analogous color scheme (red, orange and yellow) sits near each other on color wheel, it is widely use in nature and has harmony.

Complementary color palettes, greatest amount of contrast!

Any two colors that sits opposite one another on the wheel are complementary colors (such as blue and orange). When you want something to stand out, use these to create a high contrast. If possible, use one color as the background and another as the accent color. When you place two complementary and relatively pure colors next to one another, you will create a visual conflict; So, the trick to effectively using complementary colors is to make one color appear more dominant than the other. In the other word, you can use tints and shades, such as mixing a lighter tint of blue with a darker orange.

Any two colors that sits opposite one another on the wheel are complementary colors and they have greatest amount of contrast!

Tetradic color palette, rich in harmony while having contrast!

In some way, all color palettes can be classified as either of these two color schemes, but if you want a color palette that has both features, consider the tertiary scheme!

A Tetradic color scheme should be composed of two sets of complementary colors. they are vibrant and contrasted while having some harmonies.

What is a color palette generator?

In an online color palette generator, colors are generated based on the user’s input or can be selected in order to fit in with a specific shade. Now, let’s see some of the best color palette generators ever! Take an overall look at the table bellow, then scroll down to see each tool in more detail.

Palette ExploreImage Palette PickerColor WheelAdjust Colors SeparatelyAdjust PaletteColor Blind SimulatorMultiple Palette TemplatesColor Names & CodesSave & Share
Dopely Colors🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩
Coolors🟩🟩🟥🟩🟩🟩🟥Only Hex Code🟩
Adobe Colors🟩🟩🟩🟥🟩🟩🟥No Name🟩
Color Mind🟥🟩🟩🟥🟥🟥🟥🟩🟥
Color Hunt🟩🟥🟩🟥🟥🟥🟥Hex and RGB🟩
Color Space🟩🟥🟥🟩🟥🟥🟥Hex Code🟩
Muzli🟩🟥🟩🟩🟥🟥🟥Hex Code🟥

1. Dopely Free Online Color Palette Generator Tool

Using this tool, you can create palettes easily. By opening the Dopely tool you will see a random color palette. If you like the palette vibe, you can edit hue, tint, tone and shade of each color easily. You can also enter specific colors via the color code(s), lock those colors, and then use the little dice bottom as much as you need to create your own palette on Dopely. You don’t want either of these options? You can explore in millions of color palettes, or use the Dopely color wheel, or even pick colors from an image for your scheme!

Similar to other Dopely tools, you can save (css, url, pdf, png, jpg, svg), share, or like your color palette, or as I mentioned earlier, you can upload a photo or enter the url of an image directly into this tool, to generate a photo color palette. There’s a modern yet comfortable feel to the design. Since it is an integral part of Dopely tools, you can apply the results instantly to other tools like color wheel, color toner, color gradient generator, color blender, and more.

Dopely Free Color Palette Generator Tool, Best Online Color Palette Generator Tools in 2021
Color Palette Generator Tool | Dopely Colors

2. Coolors Online Color Palette Generator Tool

Coolors helps you to explore color palettes based on keywords, create a color palette from an uploaded image, see what your selections look like for colorblind people, generate gradients, save and share your palette and more.

Create a palette – Coolors

3. Adobe Colors Online Color Palette Generator Tool

A similar tool, Adobe Color, is also useful, though it is more technical than Coolors. Users can create color palettes, generate schemes from images, save and share them regardless of whether they have Adobe products subscriptions or not.

Color wheel, a color palette generator | Adobe Color

4. Color Mind Online Color Palette Generator Tool

With Colormind, you can build a palette and then see how the colors would look applied to a website, which makes it unique among color palette generators. Simulating the look of a website is a great way to see if your color scheme works before you use it in an actual website. However, it does not offer as many options as you  may need.

Create a color scheme that’s completely free, or simply choose a few colors you like and let the system fill in the rest for you. You can lock a color into the palette and change the order of the sample to see how it affects the website, just like the Dopely and Coolors.

Colormind – the AI powered

5. Color Hunt Online Color Palette Generator Tool

With Color Hunt, you can cycle through trendy and random color schemes generated by artists, just like other tools with a palettes explore. It does not offer any assistance, and to use it, you need to be a professional, as well as only having the option of creating four color combinations.

Color Hunt – Create a Color Palette

6. Color Space Online Color Palette Generator Tool

Using ColorSpace, you can enter or select a color from the color wheel and scroll through a variety of palettes. A number of options are available, including gradients, complementary and contrasting.

It was clearly created for web developers. It can also be used by artists and designers of all stripes for quick but careless palette generation. Despite the lack of intense customization, this is still a good option for preventing analysis paralysis.

ColorSpace – Color Palettes Generator and Color Gradient Tool (

7. Muzli Online Color Palette Generator Tool

#ffff00 | Muzli color palette


Finally, we are finished with comparing the 7 Best Online Color Palette Generator Tools in 2021! Now it is time to hear your ideas!

What do you think? Have you ever used a palette generator before? What are other color scheme makers you recommend? Which one do you prefer? Let me know what you think! Your suggestions will be added to the list! Also, you can find more comparing posts between different tools here on Inside Colors blog to sharpen your assistance! Have you seen “The 7 Best Online Gradient Generator Tools in 2021”?

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