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ROYGBIV: The colors that make rainbow!


Colors have always been attractive and captivating to me. I remember when I was little, my brother and I had colorful legos. We spent a lot of time putting the right lego colors together. The most beautiful color scheme for me was ROYGBIV.

ROYGBIV is a subject that shows that color sequence can be obtained from an invisible light. We are going to get more acquainted with it later. If you love colors like me, follow me:

What is ROYGBIV?

In fact, the strange phrase “ROYGBIV” or “ROY G BIV” stands for the accompaniment of the hues that make up the rainbow. Respectively: Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. In other words, ROYGBIV provides a simple way to remember the order of the colors of the rainbow.

And here, you can find some fun with Elmo and Rosita, the colorful monsters, to learn about rainbow colors!

What is the history of ROYGBIV?

The discovery of the rainbow was the result of various experiments that Isaac Newton performed with light. In fact, he discovered that if we pass white light through a transparent prism, the refracted light turns into different colors. Yes! White light is not white and contains a sequence of ROYGBIV. In other words, invisible light is visible by the colors of this spectrum (our own rainbow!) And is thus visible to the human eye.

The reason for the arrangement of rainbow colors that are visible as ROYGBIV is the different wavelengths of each color in the visible light spectrum. In this way, red with a wavelength of about 700 nm has the highest wavelength and violet with a wavelength of about 380 nm has the lowest wavelength. This causes these colors to break at a certain angle when they leave the prism, creating a rainbow of colors.

Although most people guess that the colors of the rainbow are 6 and doubt the existence of indigo. But indigo can be considered a color between blue and violet. In addition, there is another fact.

Rainbow colors are not limited to these 7 colors. Rather, the rainbow is made up of millions of colors, many of which are invisible to our eyes. And some have wavelengths close to other colors, making them difficult to detect with the naked eye. Like brown and orange wavelengths. Newton was really the one who limited the rainbow to seven colors.

What do rainbow colors mean?

The rainbow is a beautiful phenomenon in nature that usually occurs after rain on sunny days, when sunlight passes through the water and breaks and reflects light. But have you ever thought about the meanings of its colors?

1. The meaning of red in ROYGBIV

The longest wavelength in the rainbow is the first color of the red rainbow. Red is a symbol of love, affection and passion. It is a very energetic, joyful, passionate and warm color. In the rainbow, red is also a lively and playful color.

2. The meaning of orange in ROYGBIV

It is the second orange color in the warm color spectrum. A secondary color that results from a combination of red and yellow. This color is also energetic and joyful, but not as red! This color increases creativity and playfulness in the person and maintains balance in life. In the rainbow, this color is a symbol of creativity and intelligence.

3. The meaning of yellow in ROYGBIV

The third color is the color of the sun. This color is energetic, joyful, bright and refreshing. In fact, this color makes people’s minds clear for decision making. In the rainbow, yellow is also a symbol of wisdom.

4. The meaning of green in ROYGBIV

The color of nature, which is the middle color of the rainbow, is a secondary color created from a combination of blue and yellow. This color is soothing and is a symbol of freshness, fertility and growth. Green can also be considered a symbol of balance, harmony and health. The rainbow is also reminiscent of nature.

5. The meaning of blue in ROYGBIV

Blue of the seas and sky is the fifth color in the rainbow. Using this color creates peace, tranquility and understanding. Blue is also a symbol of divinity and has the same meaning in the rainbow.

6. Meaning of indigo color in ROYGBIV

In fact, indigo is a darker color than blue. This color is usually considered as a bridge between finite and infinite. Because this color is bolder than blue, it also has more energy. Indigo is a symbol of intellect, self-control, intuition and infinity. In the rainbow is a symbol of eternity.

7. The meaning of the color violet in RAINBOW

This secondary color, which is a combination of red and blue, has the shortest wavelength and the thinnest color in the rainbow. Violet is a symbol of families with originality and love for humanity. Many consider violet to be the end of everything and the beginning of a new vibration of energy. In the rainbow, this color is a symbol of spirituality.

Color palette inspiration of ROYGBIV

I love the rainbow and its sequence of colors. So the color palettes that can be inspired by the rainbow and its color sequence (ROYGBIV) are also very attractive and lovely. I want to share my favorite palettes with you. If you need more palettes, take a look at Dopely color palettes explore! Let’s go:

The last word

Whenever you hear a word about the rainbow color sequence, you will remember ROYGBIV. This is the best way to remember the colors of the rainbow and pay attention to its colors and the impact they have on life.

But note that although the rainbow sequence is always fixed and is not going to change, the way we talk about the rainbow color sequence may change later and ROYGBIV will be blown away! Because it all depends on how people recognize and see colors.

If you are looking for a rainbow in the sky after a rainy day in the sun, be careful to stand behind the sun so that the rainbow will show itself to you!

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