The Relationship Between Color, Value, and wealth

relation between colors and money
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Where do you live? What does the currency of your country look like? What colors are used in it? This time, we want to talk about different colors and design patterns of money in different countries. some colors represent value and authenticity. and in the following, we learn which colors.


Wherever you live on this planet, you need this magical piece of paper. Every country or nation has its unique money. Each country uses particular designs and color patterns for different banknote quantities. The shape and colors of money represent the values and symbols of that nation. Financial institutions and banks have spent so much time analyzing the colors that connect best with the consumers to make the best design for paper money.

Some colors are used more than others. For example, you will see green, black, or blue ink on money more than pink or red. There are several reasons for that, and we’re going to discuss some of them.

We use money in our everyday life, but we never really pay attention to the valuable piece of paper in our pocket; or do we?

Do you know why green ink is highly used in the US dollar? The green ink on paper money protects it against counterfeiting. This specific green ink also doesn’t fade or decompose easily.

Now, what is counterfeiting? It is the process of making fake money.

Green, color of value itself

Green is one of the most common colors for paper money. Many countries print different quantities of money in green, such as the US dollar, which I mentioned earlier. Green is a positive color and brings calming feelings, and therefore is a smart choice to dye paper money. The US dollar was also known as greenbacks, obviously because the backsides are printed in green ink.

In America, using green ink was a solution against photographic knockoffs because old cameras could only take pictures in black and white. Green also has always been connected with money and wealth.

Golden, color of wealth

The first thing this color brings up in mind is gold, yes the actual gold. Have you ever paid attention to credit cards? Why are so many of them golden? It’s not just about credit cards, and money banknotes appear in this appealing color a lot too. The golden color is usually associated with wealth.


You probably have seen so many blue banknotes. Blue indicates trust, security, and intelligence, which are very crucial considerations when wealth and money are the matter. There are a great number of banks and financial institutions all around the world that use the color blue in their logo. So, it makes perfect sense why blue ink is used a lot in making money banknotes, or any other thing that is involved in wealth.

Purple, the color of wealth in old times!

Purple is a favored color to money managers and banks, and I’m going to tell you why. In the old days, purple was a color of nobility and royalty. That was because it was hard and also expensive to create the purple dye. In the field of wealth, the purple color indicates financial stability and success. all these reasons make this color a wise choice for printing banknotes.


Red is a sharp color. The red color often indicates warnings. In the wealth field, financial services and banks use it to warn their customers that there is something wrong with their accounts or, to remind them of their late payments.

How different colors affect our spending?

Earlier, we talked about the colors of money. But why do we earn money? Exactly, to spend money. Have you ever thought about how colors can change the way or amount of money that we spend? In other words, have you ever considered the connection between colors and our spending? If you’re not interested in this, for god’s sake go and read something you like. But if you are interested, then let’s dive deeper together.

Based on the feelings that each color evokes, our mood changes. Our moods have an impact on all the actions we take, and spending money is no exception.


Food industry. It’s one of the biggest industries in the world. In places like restaurants or the food product sections of big malls, you will see the yellow color a lot. Have you ever paid attention to why? Because the yellow color evokes the feeling of hunger and increases appetite, and when you’re hungry, you’re willing to spend more money on food products.

See?! they got you to spend more money by using the psychology of colors.


White stands for concepts of modernity, purity, cleanliness, and simplicity. So, skincare companies use this color in their branding and packaging. Then, no wonder why we see so many white and seducing bottles and tubes of these products. When we see lots of hair care or skincare products in white, we feel fresh, clean, and maybe relaxed. Again, we are stimulated to spend more money on such a product.


Since violet is a noble color, it can make people feel special. This shade indicates royalty and wealth, and therefore products including the violet( or purple) color can be very seducing for the customers. For example, in the skincare category, purple products may bring up the thought that a specific product has special properties and ingredients in it.

And people are willing to pay more money for what makes them feel elegant and valued.


Here’s my favorite color, burgundy.

What is the first thing that pops up in your head when you see this color? I bet a glass of fine and very old red wine. The burgundy often associates with luxury and being expensive. So, it could be one of the best options for luxury and exclusive products to satisfy particular customers and make them loosen the strings of their wallets and spend a huge amount of money on that product.

Now, enjoy that glass of your fine and shiny red wine.

Now we know that we can use colors to our advantage. But you should pay attention to some points, one of them is:

We should take every aspect of why we are choosing a color/or colors? For what kind of place? The use ?Because the one color that is the best option for A, might be the worst for B.

Then, pay a lot of attention to what you want to do and why, and I’m sure you will find what you’re looking for.

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