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Pastel Colors, The Sugary Color Family

pastel color gums

Have you ever heard of this name, pastel colors? What pastel color is? Are you a fan already? If so, what is your favorite pastel color? As you may guess, today, we want to talk about this pale and cute family of colors. For sure, you have come across pastel colors in your daily works. How do you feel when you see these colors? Do they affect your mood? 

There’s much more to it and we’re going to talk about them in the following. Stay tuned…

Pastel color

What is pastel color?

Pastel colors refer to a pale family of colors, for example, beige, rosy brown, white smoke, burlywood, etc. The pastel colors are utterly peaceful and calming. It derives its name from pastels, which is a characteristic of this color category. People often associate pastel colors with soothing feelings. Some of the most common pastel colors are pink, mauve, and baby blue. Pastel colors, when applied in the digital world and HSV color space, have high value and low saturation.

Where To Use Pastel Colors?

Whenever you want to choose colors for any space, first you need to consider the purpose of it. Why are you picking certain colors and not others? In this case, color psychology will help you a lot. Pastel colors are less saturated than primary colors. Consequently, they look more soft and pale. They have soothing and relaxing effects on our mood. Therefore, pastel colors are a good choice for places where calmness and peace are necessary. 

Pastel Colors Names

The pastel color refers to the entire category. To be more specific, we have gathered a list of some pastel colors along with their HEX codes. 

Here are 21 pastel colors: 
  1. Pastel Green: 77dd77
  2. Pastel Brown: 836953
  3. Baby Blue: 89cff0
  4. Pastel Turquoise: 99c5c4
  5. Blue Green Pastel: 9adedb
  6. Persian Pastel: aa9499
  7. Magic Mint: aaf0d1
  8. Light Green: b2fba5
  9. Pastel Purple: b39eb5
  10. Pastel Lilac: bdb0d0
  11. Pastel Pea: bee7a5
  12. Light Lime: befd73
  13. Light Periwinkle: c1c6fc
  14. Pale Mauve: c6a4a4
  15. Pastel Violet: cb99c9
  16. Pastel Violet: fdfd96
  17. Pastel Red: ff6961
  18. Pastel Orange: ff694f
  19. American Pink: ff9899
  20. Baby Pink: ffb7ce
  21. Baby Purple: ca9bf7 

More About Pastel Colors

Pastel color symbolism

As you may already know, each color symbolizes a certain sign. Colors are capable of carrying messages, and create feelings. Therefore, knowing these feelings and symbols can help you make better color choices. This color family symbolizes neutrality and peace. They’re soft and soothing colors, and you can use them to create a calming atmosphere. Seeing these colors will bring you feelings of relaxation. For example, bedrooms can be a great place to paint in pastel colors.

Is White a Pastel Color?

The line between being and not being a pastel color is thin. It’s even thinner for the white color. but, the answer to the above questions is yes. The white color is mostly used to create pastel colors. So, it’s the base color of many pastel colors. White color represents clarity, innocence, cleanliness, spirituality, purity, hope, expansiveness, and openness. Adding white to other colors makes them pale and less sharp. White color lessens the sharpness of your target color; thus you can decide how pale you want your color to be, and then add the white color.

Pastel Colors In Fashion

In fashion, wearing pastel colors shows simplicity and neutrality. So, they are good options for minimalistic and nude styles.


There are several categories of colors, and each category suits a purpose. By knowing what each color or color family represents, we can make better color choices. Pastel colors are one of these several categories, and also on the, if not the most, cute ones. use them to show simplicity, neutrality, cleanliness, and calmness.

 You can also find more color inspirations about this and all the other colors on inside colors; where you can find and explore hundreds and hundreds of color palettes and inspiration. If I were you, I wouldn’t miss it.

hope you enjoy

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