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National Color Day: Color Recognition Day!

national color day

Colors are so influential in our lives that sometimes we forget their full existence. In fact, we are used to having colors in our lives. That is why a day has been chosen as National Color Day.

Therefore, every year October 22 is the national day of color. In fact, on this day, the people of the world pay attention to the importance that colors have on their lives, their behavior, temperament and mood, and rediscover its effect.

We will learn more about this day later, if you would like to accompany me:

Why do we have a national color day?

Color is a powerful element. The world we live in is so beautiful because of the colors!

Without color, the world would be a black and white film. Imagine if the colors were not there, the leaves would not change color in the fall. The traffic lights on the street did not change color from red to yellow and green, and there was chaos.

Moreover, if it were not for color, it would not be aurora borealis. There was no sunrise or sunset.  There were no colorful rocks and shells at the bottom of the sea. Even the warning signs that warn us of an accident were losing their meaning.

Finally, if there was no color, there would be no art and artistry. We probably didn’t have the appetite for different foods either. Because it is these colors that increase our appetite.

Do you see how colors can convey a message and create a work ?! These are just some of the reasons why National Color Day is included in the annual calendar.

Different meanings of colors on National Color Day

There are different colors, each with a different meaning. Each color conveys a different feeling to others.

For example, red may be a sign of energy and happiness for one person, but for another, the same color is a symbol of anger and rage.

Let’s know the meaning of colors on National Color Day

Purple in national colors day:

Purple is a color that shows power and authority.  It is also a royal color.

Blue in national color day:

Blue is the color of the company and represents the high quality of something. In addition, it is a color that conveys calm to the audience.

Green in national color day:

Green is a symbol of jealousy. At the same time, it shows calmness and good taste. Green is also the color of nature.

Yellow in national color day:

Yellow is a symbol of the sun. So the color is full of energy. It also represents happiness and worthiness.

Orange in national color day:

Because orange is composed of yellow and red colors, it is natural that it is a color full of energy and joy. Orange is also a symbol of happiness, intimacy and warmth.

Red in national color day:

The most energetic color available is red. This color is also an unrivaled symbol of love. It conveys power and excitement to the audience.

Pink in national color day:

Pink is a feminine color. That is why it is a symbol of subtlety and sometimes complexity. It also shows honesty.

Brown in national color day:

Brown is the color of soil and earth and is a symbol of roughness. It can also indicate attractiveness.

Black in national color day:

Black is often used for sadness and grief. It can also convey fear to the audience.

White in national color day:

White is a pure color in all religions and all customs and represents purity. It can also be the color of happiness.

National Color Day activities:

There are activities you can do on this day.

1. Celebrate through hashtags on social media

To celebrate National Color Day, you can share pictures of yourself or anything you like on your social media page.

You can also take photos or write about the things you did to celebrate this day and share them with others.

Of course, you should not forget to share your photos and writings with the hashtag #color day or #national color day. In fact, by doing so, you are introducing others to National Color Day and helping to promote it.

2. Use your favorite color

Because everyone likes a certain color. On National Color Day, you can wear your favorite color or use items with your favorite color.

You can also read more about colors and share this information with others. Or even give gifts to others with your favorite color and explain why.

The last word

Certainly without color, our world was a dull world.  Where no hope or desire could flow.

By celebrating this day, different people can learn more about colors, discover new colors and find their favorite color.

Above all, people on this day understand the importance of colors and the impact they have on our lives. And they try to pay more attention to colors.

Make your life colorful!

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