lily colors and their interesting meaning!

orange and yellow lily

Flowers are among the beauties of nature. There are many flowers in the world with variety in type, color and shape. Today I am going to talk about lily flowers.

In fact, lily flowers are a variety of colorful flowers with inverted petals and tall stamens. Also, this flower is very rare and that is why it is a national flower.

In the following, we will become more familiar with each color of this flower and the different meanings it conveys. Join me:

History of lily flowers

These beautiful flowers are also known as Lilium. Of course, water lilies, calla lilies and daylilies are also in the same category.

Mythologically, when Zeus asked Hera to breastfeed her son Hercules. But Hera refused and turned away from Hercules, because he was born of another mother. Lily flowers grew from the drops of Hera milk poured on the ground.

In addition, there is a belief in the Jewish tradition that people believe that lily flowers were created because of Eve’s tears when she fell from the Garden of Eden.

Also in Christianity, the lily is a symbol of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Virgin Goddess. Even in the paintings of the face of the Blessed Virgin Mary, this flower is drawn next to her painting.

White lily with pink tips in a pot

What do lilies symbolize?

Indeed, this beautiful flower is a symbol of rebirth.  For this reason, it is a good choice for funerals.

In Victorian times, people chose lily for funerals because of its strong and fragrant scent.

However, lily is also used for weddings, especially in ancient Greece and Rome. Because lily was considered a symbol of purity and fertility.

Moreover, in China, because the lily is a symbol of motherly love, beauty and purity, it plays an important role in weddings.

Moreover, because these flowers are a symbol of sacrifice, they are also suitable for gifts on the occasion of the 30th wedding anniversary.

Two tiger lily that has orange petals and black points on it
Tiger Lily

What does each color of lilies mean?

I said earlier that lilies come in different colors.  Each of them has its own meaning and history.

Let’s understand them:

Red lily meaning

As you know, the red rose is a symbol of love.  But the red lily also shows passion, desire and love.

If you want, you can read my article about roses and the meaning of each color here!

Red lily flower under the rain

Orange lily meaning

Tiger lilies are also in this category of orange lilies. These lilies represent wealth, confidence, pride and stability.

Orange lilies and its buds on the dining table

Yellow lily meaning

Yellow has always been a symbol of friendship and happiness. The yellow lily also represents the enjoyment of life.

Two yellow lilies on a stalk in nature

Purple lily meaning

Purple is also always known as the royal color.  Purple lily represents admiration, success, pride and dignity.

Purple lily in nature

Pink lily meaning

Pink lilies represent wealth, abundance, prestige and prosperity.

Two pink lilies with white tips

White lily meaning

Another name of lily white is Lily Madonna. Because the white lily is a symbol for the Blessed Virgin Mary. So we can say that white lily is a symbol of purity, fertility, purity and innocence.

Three white lily flowers in nature

The last word

Well, if one day you choose lily flowers to give as a gift to someone, it is better to pay attention to the meaning of each color and choose a color that is closer to your message.

For example, if you are going to give Lily as a gift to your love, choose red. And if you are going to choose a lily bouquet for a wedding, it is better to have white.

Colors can guide us in life for the right purpose.  Pay attention to the colors!

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