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Know The Neutral Color Better!

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How much attention have you paid to using neutral color in your surroundings?

There is a misconception among many people that they do not consider white as a color.  Or they do not use a color like cream much.

White, cream and other neutral colors, although not in the color wheel, are important colors and never bother the eye.

Here I will tell you all the information about neutral colors.  Follow me!

Neutral color definition

In fact, neutral colors are colors that do not exist in the color cycle.  These colors come from a combination of other colors, but they seem to be colorless. Neutral colors also help to see other colors.

Of all these colors, black, white, gray, and brown are the most common.  These 4 colors are pure colors because they do not have a background of other colors and are created by combining two complementary colors.

But in addition to these 4 colors, there are other colors in this family that are near-neutral.  Because these colors have a tint of other colors, such as tans, which is brown with a yellow tint.

Neutral colors have 2 types of color: warm and cold

Cool colors include:

It is white, gray, silver and milky.

Warm colors include:

It is black, brown, gold and beige.

List of neutral color

Neutral color meaning

Like other colors, neutral colors have both positive and negative effects!

But all neutrals are a symbol of peace.

Neutral color: BLACK

In many cultures, black is a symbol of mourning and sadness.  In Western cultures, black is also a symbol of Halloween.

In addition, black can be a sign of rebellion, darkness, complexity, fear, mystery, sorrow and evil.  But at the same time it can be a symbol of determination, formality, quality, seriousness and wealth.

Neutral color: WHITE

White symbolizes all goodness.  Angels are usually shown in white or in a halo of white light.  In the culture of many countries, the bride wears a white dress.

Also, this color conveys cleanliness and simplicity, for this reason, the clothes of doctors and nurses are white.

White symbolizes purity, serenity, new beginnings, and new ideas.  In general, white has positive connotations.

Neutral color: GRAY

This color is sometimes for mourning.  Gray can be divided into light and dark.

Indeed, dark gray symbolizes mystery, complexity, longevity, seriousness, steadfastness and firmness. On the contrary, light gray is a symbol of calm and light.

But in general, gray is a symbol of responsibility, loyalty, self-sacrifice, depression and loss.

Neutral color: BROWN

The brown color, which is one of the neutral and warm colors, represents the earth and wood.  This color is natural, accessible and enhancing.

Thus, brown is a symbol of trust, strength and stability.  It can also be tedious and boring.

Neutral color: SILVER

Silver is a symbol of intelligence, wealth, knowledge, foresight and feminine power.  Light silver symbolizes new ideas and dark silver symbolizes fear.

This color is one of the most glamorous colors among neutral colors!  And represents the moon.

Neutral color: GOLDEN

The golden color symbolizes wealth, victory, wisdom, knowledge, kindness and masculine power.  Light gold symbolizes spiritual energy and dark gold symbolizes power.

This color is also full of shiny colors.  And represents the sun.

Neutral color: BEIGE

The name of this color comes from France and means natural wool.  It symbolizes conservatism, piety and simplicity, trustworthy and soothing.

Use of neutral colors:

Moreover, neutral colors are commonly used in interior design, clothing design and even site design.

Because these colors do not bother the eye, in these designs, they can be placed in the background and make other colors look better and complement the other colors in a way.

If neutral colors are placed next to a lighter color, they will make the color more fresh and attract the human eye.

But if neutral colors are combined with darker colors, the colors become too saturated and make the human eye tired.

Also, neutral colors are important in painting.  For example, white, black and gray colors are important to create tint, shadow and tone.

Neutral colors for interior decoration

We can use neutral colors in interior decoration due to their flexibility.  This use makes your home decoration classic and not out of fashion.

Here are some of the factors that are necessary to use these colors. 

1.Black color:

Black has a special beauty and makes the house look stylish, but you must be diligent in using it and use it on special and limited levels.

If you use this color, choose other colors of furniture or other walls from bright and cheerful colors.

2.White color:

White is one of the cool colors, but it is one of the most widely used colors in decoration because it removes obstacles for you.

And so, you can use any color next to this white.  If you use this neutral color for the walls, your house will look bigger and brighter.

3.Beige color:

Beige is a warm color with a range of high and low colors.  And usually suitable for living room.  This color is suitable with any decoration from old to modern and conveys peace.

You can use this neutral color for the walls of your house, if you have a cold and dim house!

In addition to this color, you can use wooden decorations, or orange, gold and yellow colors.

4.Gray color:

The use of gray color in home decoration makes it look modern and up-to-date, but avoid using it too much.  Because its darkness causes depression and conveys feelings of sadness.

Because gray is a cool color, you can use warm colors and wooden elements to maintain harmony.

5.Cream color:

The color of the cream is close to white, but because it has a yellow undertone, it is a warm color.  You can use this color for the walls of houses that are cold and without light.

In addition to this color, you can use beige, brown, and yellow colors to create a cohesive atmosphere.  Or you can use blue, green and pink colors to make your space attractive.

6.Brown color:

This color is one of the warm colors.  So it transfers heat to the space of your home.  Instead of using chemical brown dyes, it is better to use natural brown dyes that are found in wood and some stones.

In addition to this color, you can use green or stone and wood decorations to create an attractive, cozy and warm atmosphere.

Neutral colors clothes

Neutral colors are used in the fashion industry for their versatility with other highly rolled colors.

You can use patterned fabrics or different tonnages of that neutral color to avoid the uniformity of neutral colors.

I.Black clothes:

Clothes of this color are not only uncomfortable for ceremonies, on the contrary, this color is very stylish and matches any color.  For this reason, there is no problem to combine it with any color.

You can also wear this color in any season and most importantly, wearing clothes with this color will make you look slimmer.

II.White clothes:

Wearing white clothes or neutral colors close to white like ivory is everyone’s favorite.  Using the white color technique and colors close to it, will make you not look boring.

Wearing white clothes is suitable for all seasons and day and night.

III.Gray clothes:

Wearing gray clothes creates a stylish and modern look for you.  It is better to use light gray clothes for the upper body and dark gray clothes for the lower body.

IIII.Other neutral colors:

Other neutral colors such as brown, beige, cream, etc. can work very well in the monochrome background of clothes.

You can use these colors in all seasons, but they are more suitable in cold seasons because they are warm colors and make you warmer.

Neutral colors for site design

For site design, neutral colors are preferred because these colors do not irritate the eyes.  In any web, the important parts should be the colors other than neutral colors to attract attention.  But the less important parts, such as the cancel button on the sites, should be in neutral color.

Neutral colors can be alone or in combination with lighter colors to design the site.  These colors are often as the background of the site.

In designing sites, warm and cool colors are not considered much.  And it is influenced by the colors that are placed next to it.

.Black color:

This color is to create a sense of mystery and exciting and uncomfortable designs.  This color is usually in site typography.

 .White color:

White is often as a background, making other colors more visible.

 .Gray color:

Light gray can be instead of white and dark gray can be instead of black in site design.  And it is usually for sites where formality is important, such as corporations.  And it is usually used along with blue and brown colors.

 .Brown color:

Brown color is also commonly used in the background of the site.  And adds a sense of warmth and comfort to the design.  This color is used in typography.


Neutral colors, while rare, are very common.  Using them conveys a sense of calm.
Have you used neutral colors in your surroundings?
Share your experience with me!

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