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colorful backgrounds

Finding the ideal colorful backgrounds can be a really difficult job. have you ever got so devastated because after searching so many websites, you still can’t find your favorite wallpaper?? some may say that what is the big deal? It’s just a background! well, it’s more than just backgrounds. why?? because you are going to see that background every time you use your device(whatever device: mobile, pc, tablet, etc.)
So, you want something that makes you feel good every time you look at it; not something to make you say: oh my gosh, not this again!!!!

That’s the reason I’m here today. to give you some ideas for your next wallpaper choice.
Today’ article is going to be a little bit different than other articles. this time we are not going to read and learn about color-related stuff. we’re going to have some fun and scroll up and down among cute colorful wallpapers. this post is for you, if you are looking for unique and colorful backgrounds for your devices (PC and cellphone).

Now, let’s soothe our eyes with the magic of colors

What you will see in this post:
  1. Desktop backgrounds

Desktop backgrounds

Many of us can’t live without our laptop. we can’t even imagine living without our computer, including myself. and the first thing that we lay eye on, is the background. here you can find colorful, desktop-size wallpapers:

Tip: there’s one thing that you better pay attention to, when picking colorful backgrounds. and that’s NOT TOO COLORFUL!! because too much color blocks everything, and that would make it hard to set up your desktop layout. besides, it can be annoying and irritate your eyes, or even, cause headaches.

For more inspirations you can pay a visit to our blog. if you need color inspiration for anything and you can’t find it anywhere else, you can find and read other articles and get inspired.

And if you like to know more about different backgrounds:

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