This Is Why Digital Art Is So Famous!

digital art

Every day, more advanced arts emerge, expand and gradually give way to other art.  Digital art is one of these new arts.
Besides, this art, which is performed by computers and special software, has its own fans.
If you like this art but do not know how to start and do it.  Join me.

First of all, let’s get to know more about digital art!

What is digital art?

Artists take a variety of photographs or articulate pre-made digital photographs in order to capture their mindsets using computer tools and a series of modifications.  This collection is called digital art.

Indeed, in digital art there is no such thing as paint, brush and canvas, the only thing that exists is the computer and its related software.  Furthermore, creativity and innovation are very important.

The changes that are made to digital images are based on mathematical formulas.  So no aimless change is made.  

Like when painting on paper or canvas, we can not add color to another color aimlessly.  Elements and tools cannot be used aimlessly in digital art either.

a girl with digital art in her hands

How to start digital art?

If you want to enter the digital world and have amazing designs, first of all, you have to be proficient in working with computers.

You have to use your creativity.  In addition, you must be careful enough.  Otherwise, you may not get the desired result.

Above all, one of the main prerequisites of this art is to know the basic rules of design.  In fact, knowing the principles of anatomy, figure, surface, volume and three-dimensional design in two dimensions is required.

digital art with tablet

Why is digital art important?

This is because there is more freedom of action in digital art.  In addition, many colors can be combined and there is no limit to the choice of colors.  Also, the brightness and shade of each color can be adjusted.

If you are looking for an application for your digital art that has infinite and varied colors.  You can use this application!

How to draw digital art?

Ever since man entered this world, he has been constantly seeking to share his feelings with others. SO, he may have done it first with mud, charcoal, plaster, a mixture of water and oil pigments.  Later they switched to using pencils, ink and pens and now they are looking to use touch screens and monitors to achieve their goal.

The first software for digital art was pixel-based coloring, which they did with a mouse.  But as it gets more advanced, new software has emerged in which colors can be mixed together.  And this is done with special pens.

Painting with these pens is more accurate.  In addition you can choose the size and shape of your brush according to your design.

In fact, with the help of a light pen, you can sharpen your designs and fix their problems.  Also draw, shade and paint the final design.

digital art in board

Digital painting art tips

If you want to draw your own digital art design, here are some tips that can help you!

First: Have a plan before you start!

What are you going to paint?  What is the purpose of your painting?  What colors do you want to use?

These are the questions you need to answer.  After answering these questions, you will come up with a great idea for your drawing.

Second: Get ideas from different pictures!

Before you start painting and after choosing your main idea, you can use different images that are close or similar to your idea and extract details from them.

Third: Give yourself enough space!

In fact, you need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business.  This means you can have a set of prototypes.  Or you can use simple or circular lines to draw important shapes in your painting.

a man draw a car by his tablet

Fourth: Be careful in choosing the font and its size!

The type of each pen and its size depends on your design.  And if the type and size of your pen is right, your design lines will be very clean.  For example, for illustrations of a comic book, it is better to choose a Standard Round font with a size of 5 to 10 pixels.

Digital drawing ideas

digital art girl
digital art boy
digital art kid

Digital art tips for beginners

Here are some tips for you as a beginner in digital art, according to which you can have your best design with the least mistakes.

Let’s see!

1. Use tablets that are specifically for digital art!

Because with these tablets, you can pay more attention to the elegance of your design.

a tablet for beginners in digital art

2. Do not let the number of tools scare you!

To get started, you need the tools to select, erase and transfer.  So do not let other tools scare you.

3. Learn to use layers!

Layers are very important in digital art.  So learn to work with them.  And know how to move, turn off, add or merge them.

4. Do not depend on undoing!

Excessive use of the shortcut ctrl + z in Windows and cmd + z in Mac will cause you to lack confidence in your design.  And it scares you from making mistakes.

5. Practice to become skilled!

Practice for 15 to 20 minutes daily.  It does not matter if you make a mistake, just practice.

6. Sometimes edit your previous designs!

By editing your previous designs, you can be sure that none of your work was in vain.

7. Browse new tools!

To make sure your work is not in vain and you are learning, try a new tool from time to time and learn to work with it.

8. Create a workspace for yourself.

If after some time of using one software, you can not communicate with its internal environment, you can choose another software.  Keep doing this until you find the right workspace.

9. Learn a series of mandatory settings!

You need to learn the settings specific to the new document.  Also, you need to know how to choose the size of the document.  Set your color mode to RGB or CMYK.

In addition, you need to know what format you want when saving your design!  Do you want to use JPEG or PNG?

Moreover, you need to learn how to send your design to your friends and others.

Digital art ideas for beginners

a girl drawing by digital art
digital painting for beginners
boy painting digital art


Finally, you saw how broad digital art is and how it fits in with life today.
They use digital art designs for movie posters, logos and even print designs.
Are you interested in digital art? You can do it.  Just try it!

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