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22 Unique Color Meanings of Different Roses

red roses

Whenever we think of giving a gift to a loved one, it is probably the first choice of rose. But do you know what each rose color symbolizes? Do you know what emotions each rose color conveys to others? To understand more, let’s enter the city of colored roses!
Here you see the topics we are going to cover:

Flowers of Love

Roses are flowers from the red rose species. There are about 150 species of this flower, in various colors. Also, this flower is almost the most popular among other flowers and is a symbol of love.

In addition to this, the oldest rose fossil discovered in Colorado is about 70-35 million years old.

Symbol of roses colors

As colors have emotions and can convey these emotions to us.

The effect of each color on roses also brings different emotions and they can convey these emotions to us.

So, to consciously choose them, we first need to know what each rose color symbolizes and what does it mean?

Purple roses meaning

The purple roses are a symbol of love at first sight. Choosing this flower color for the first date shows your true love for your lover.

Lavender roses meaning

The color of this flower is very stunning. Slightly paler than purple rose but enchanting at the same time.

The lavender rose is a symbol of mystery, glory, wonder. Indeed, this rose color is a good choice to show your interest to someone who has attracted your attention.

Blue roses meaning

Blue roses do not grow naturally in nature. They symbolize ambiguity and mystery or something unattainable and impossible. For this reason, you can not use this flower color in every situation.  

If you love someone but at the same time want to remain anonymous, choosing this flower color is unique.

Green roses meaning

Green symbolizes nature, growth, rebirth, and renewal of energy. The green rose is also a symbol of vitality, peace, abundance and rejuvenation, and energy. Furthermore, this flower color can convey a sense of calm, stability, and balance to the mind of the recipient.  

To choose the color of flowers for the person you want to give positive energy and make him/her happy, green is the best!

Mint roses meaning

The mint rose is a symbol of a new beginning and vitality. You can certainly give this flower as a gift to couples who have just had the experience of motherhood and fatherhood, or to those who have come back to life after a difficult event.

Yellow roses meaning

Indeed, in Victorian times, the yellow rose was a symbol of jealousy. But today, the yellow rose is a symbol of friendship and intimacy, joy and happiness, and can convey happiness and love, as if to tell the recipient good luck! So, if you want to give flowers to your best friend, choose yellow roses.

Yellow Roses With Red Tips meaning

In this case, the yellow rose with red tips has a different meaning from the yellow roses.  These roses are a symbol of falling in love.  

In fact, if you have fallen in love with someone you already know and now you want him/her to realize this love, it is best to give these roses with red tips.

Orange roses meaning

This rose is the color of fire, a symbol of fascination, passion, desire to achieve something, attraction, and energy. So, if you want to give flowers to someone to admire or achieve someone, choose orange!

Cherry brandy roses meaning

These roses, as their name suggests, have a reddish-orange color, which is why they look like cherries. Giving these flowers as a gift is also a sign of loyalty, caring and supporting the recipient.

Red roses meaning

The most popular rose color among others is red. This rose is a symbol of true love and affection. The red rose tells the recipient, “I love you,” so Valentine’s Day is a good choice to give as a red rose.

The red rose is also a symbol of readiness for commitment and respect, which is why it is used in bridal bouquets.

Burgundy roses meaning

In Victorian times, this rose was a symbol of deep passion for the other person. Above all, this color is very special in roses and displays unconscious beauty.

Light pink roses meaning

The pink rose is a symbol of appreciation, elegance, tenderness, and sweetness. Thus, if you want to give flowers to thank your family, friends, and other people in your life, pink roses are the best option. In addition, this flower is suitable as a gift for those who have just started their romantic relationship.

Deep pink roses meaning

Well, we can almost say that after the red rose, the most used rose is the deep rose. Because it is the best option for giving as a gift for almost any occasion. Rather, these roses represent appreciation and gratitude. Simply, if you want to put a smile on someone’s face, choose this rose.

Peach roses meaning

Peach rose is a symbol of grace, satisfaction, originality, and humility. Therefore, these bouquets of roses are a good choice for those who have influenced you. This color is also suitable for showing sympathy with a friend.

Salmon roses meaning

The color of this group of roses is darker than peach roses. The salmon rose is a symbol of passion and excitement. If you are excited to see someone, giving this flower as a gift is also the best choice.

Coral roses meaning

Coral roses are lighter and brighter than salmon roses. This rose shows desire and passion. So, if you are eager to meet a new person, you can give him/her this rose color as a gift.

Cream roses meaning

Cream rose is a symbol of thinking about the other person and appreciating him/her.  If you want to show the person around you that you appreciate and remember them, choosing these roses is a good idea.

Ivory roses meaning

These roses belong to the white rose family. They are also very close to cream roses. The ivory rose represents perfection, excellence, grace and thoughtfulness. Sending a bunch of ivory flowers to someone is the best way to show your love for that person without saying a romantic sentence.

White roses meaning

The white roses are a symbol of spirituality, innocence, youth, pure and sincere love. The white roses are also a symbol of eternal love and a new beginning.  

For this reason, it is also used for wedding bouquets. To give a gift to someone who is very respectful to you, white roses are a great choice.

Black roses meaning

Black roses, like blue roses, do not exist organically in nature. The black rose has different symbols, in the negative sense, it is a symbol of death, mourning, and farewell. And black is suitable for bouquets of mourning ceremonies.

But in a positive sense, the black rose symbolizes a new beginning and fundamental change. In this way, it builds confidence, hope, and courage. If you are going to give a gift to someone who is waiting for a fresh start, black roses are the best choice.

Rainbow roses meaning

There are no rainbow roses in nature. But still, they have their fans. Because they contain almost all the colors of roses, and instead of a bunch of flowers of different colors, you can give a gift of a rainbow flower that includes all those colors.

Mixed roses meaning

Finally, if you can not choose a rose color, you can have a combination of different colors together.  And in this way, express your love with your different feelings.

For example, a bouquet of white and red roses means pure love and unity. And suitable for celebrations and weddings.

Meaning of different nomber of rose flowers

As the color of each rose can have a different meaning. The number of roses you give to others can also have different meanings. I have discussed them in a table below:

No. of rosesThe meaning
1 roseRepresents love at first sight and the deepest affection for a person.
2 rosesIt shows that two people are deeply in love with each other.
3 rosesIndicates the phrase “I love you”.
5 rosesIndicates “I love you so much.”
6 rosesIt shows nostalgia, love and affection for another person.
7 rosesShows being fascinated by someone.
9 rosesRepresents living with the beloved until death.
10 rosesIt shows you are beautiful.
11 rosesIt represents a deep personal love.
12 rosesIt shows that we are steadfast in love.
13 rosesIt shows that a friendship is permanent.
15 roses It shows regret and shame.
20 rosesDemonstrates honesty with the other person.
21 rosesDemonstrates commitment and loyalty to the other person.
24 rosesIndicates 24 hours a day. In fact, it says to the other person, “I think of you every moment!”
36 rosesIndicates dependence on the other person.
40 rosesIt shows that love is real.
50 rosesIt shows the permanence of love.
100 rosesIt shows being in love with someone until death.
101 rosesIndicates “you are only for me”!
108 rosesRepresents marriage proposal to someone.
365 rosesRepresents personal love on any day of the year. True and lasting love.
999 rosesIt shows the longevity of love.
1000 rosesIt represents the love that will live on after death.


Now, knowing the meaning of each rose color, a thing begun is half done.

So you can pay attention to the number of roses in addition to its color and transfer the best color and number to convey your message. Also, you can convey your different feelings to others, just by choosing the right color for each of these flowers and giving it as a gift.

What rose color would you like to give as a gift?

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