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Design influencer: Introducing the best!

Design influencer

The most important thing for any brand is to create an identity. So, brand owners are trying to stand out in front of customers and maintain constant attention towards their brand. Design is one of the ways to achieve this goal.

In fact, the existence of art and design on the one hand and the existence of data and analysis on the other hand revealed countless paths for brands. In this way, they can achieve their marketing and sales goals with the help of both art and science.

Having unique designed images can attract the attention of others more than anything else. But a source of inspiration is needed for design. The best source is to see the works of graphic design influencers.

So, if you are a designer and you are looking for one or more sources for your design, here we have introduced the best ones. Let’s see:

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Design influencers

Below are the top graphic design influencers. Also, several designs are included, each with a color palette next to it, for your inspiration.

1. Anthony Thiebaux (@Maztrone)

This graphic designer is from Paris. His art includes typography, motion design and illustration. In fact, his designs are mesmerizing, fluid and glossy, and also a great source of revelation and inspiration.

2. Timothy Goodman (@timothygoodman)

Timothy Goodman is a muralist, graphic designer and artist. He is also the creator of People of Craft. Timothy is one of the artists who cares a lot about the aesthetics of his works. His designs are mostly simple, monochromatic, including letters and flat objects. But the idea behind each work is very important and deep.

3. Nicholas Moegly (@nicholasmoegly)

In the Midwest of the United States, there is a successful illustrator and graphic designer named Nicholas Moegly, who has worked for almost a variety of brands and Grammy-winning artists. Most of Nicholas’ designs are borderline surreal and play with light and shadow. In this way, you can expect to see images with a lot of complexity and detail.

4. June Digan (@junedigann)

Wonderful watercolor designs are the product of Jun Digan’s creativity. In fact, she has combined traditional and digital media. Also, in her designs, she integrates delicate characters in strange stories.

5. Neil Secretario (@neilsecretario)

Secretario is one of the most famous typographers in design. But unlike others, his works are mostly complex, elegant and pure. This left-handed artist has worked for Condé Nast, GQ Germany, Intercom, Lionsgate.

6. Wade and Leta: Wade Jeffree (@wadejeffree) & Leta Sobierajski (@letasobierajski)

In fact, Leta Sobierajski and Wade Jeffree are a designer couple who founded a studio called Wade and Leta. The designs of these two include sharp designs with naughty shapes and bright and bold colors. Also, they combine traditional elements with photography.

7. Erik Marinovich (@erikmarinovich)

Marinovich is a calligrapher and typographer. His work history is at Google, Facebook and Ford Motors. He is also the founder of NuForm, a font and type company. His designs include black and white designs or splashes of color.

8. Cyril Vouilloz (@Rylsee)

You can find this designer’s works at Nike, Ikea and HP. His avant-garde typography technique is the reason for his popularity in social media. Because his handwritten letters have dimensions beyond the usual and as if an element has been added to it.

9. Jessica Walsh (@jessicavwalsh)

Jessica’s designs have bold colors and convey old feelings. She is the founder of an agency called & Walsh, which helps marketers reach their goals faster.

10. Dan Mather (@danielmather)

Dan is a London based artist who is a freelance screen printer. In fact, he only focuses on print design. His designs have vibrant color accents that captivate the eyes.

11. Crispin Finn (@crispinfinn)

By looking at Finn’s designs, you will realize how you can create fantastic designs using only three colors, red, blue and white. In Finn’s designs, the fleeting beauty of everyday objects is shown.

12. Ahda Firdaus (@misterdoodle)

This typography artist, who is from Indonesia, speaks in simple and thought-provoking sentences in landscape contexts. These sentences and quotes are handwritten on the background of the source images.

13. Chris Labrooy (@chrislabrooy)

Chris is a Scottish designer who has worked with Porsche, Apple, Nike, Jaguar and Lamborghini. Chris’ popularity is due to his special designs. In this way, he combines everyday elements with sculptural form. Sculptural forms are created using 3D effects and CGI. As a result, a complex, captivating and visual design will be created.

14. Jon Contino (@joncontino)

Jon is the founder of Studio Contino and is also an independent illustrator. The wonderful thing about John’s designs is that he tried different styles.

15. Steven Harrington (@s_harrington)

Harrington, a graphic designer based in Los Angeles, has designs with bold patterns and colors. Also, the quality of his illustrations are stable and lasting. If you are looking for dynamic, exciting designs that also have a natural look, Harrington’s works are a good source.

16. Foreal

Actually, Foreal is a design studio based in Germany. The designs of this studio include minimal designs. In this way, they calm the eyes. This is the reason why Google is one of the big customers of its designs.

17. Lucas Young (@lucasyoung)

Young’s design process combines graphic elements with typography. Young has also started designing a collection of business cards that are both inspiring and beautiful.

18. James Victore (@jamesvictore)

This artist has been exhibited at MOMA. It also has clients such as TIME, Adobe and Esquire magazine. Victor has managed to publish a book and runs his own studio. He has a distinctive style in his designs.

19. James White (@signalnoise)

White works in Signal Noise Design Studio. He has an extraordinary use of light in his drawings and illustrations. Because he has mastered the understanding of how light and shadow affect his subjects. For this reason, his works are special and enchanting.

20. Neil A. Stevens (@neil_a_stevens)

Stevens is a famous illustrator and designer. He also has special expertise in poster design. For this reason, it can combine graphic elements with type and create dynamic and eye-catching pieces.

21. Jacob Eisinger (@yippiehey)

This 3D designer creates images that look very realistic. As if you can touch the image by dragging your hand over it. Also, this designer uses vibrant colors in his designs.

22. Lee Crutchley (@leecrutchley)

Lee is a designer who mixes various digital and graphic elements with his handwritten type. As a result, Lee has created beautiful and amazing designs.

23. Margherita Urbani (@margheurbani)

A successful and prolific designer, Marguerite has a well-documented portfolio of creative work that she engages in everyday life. In fact, these designs are bright, strong and intelligent.

24. Jennet Liaw (@jennetliaw)

Jennet’s designs include her pictorial, graphic and typographic works that are integrated with serene photography. In fact, her works are simple, minimal, clean and beautiful.

25.Amadeus Malmén (@amadeuces)

Malmén is a typographer with a strong sense of movement and dimension. Some of his designs look three-dimensional. But you should know that he works on smooth surfaces. Even Mallman sometimes inserts his typography on surfaces such as bottles, etc., and turns them into beautiful works of art.

26. Kate Pullen (@katepullendraws)

Pullen is a Melbourne-based artist who works from typography to nail art. Actually, her style combines bold patterns with bold colors.

27. Sam Larson (@samlarson)

Larson uses carefully selected color palettes for his designs. This point has distinguished him from others. Because the use of fluorescent red and blue colors to create nature-themed styles has made his works effective and sharp.

28. Thomas Burden (@thomasburden)

In Burden’s complex and dimensional works, there are descriptions of native art, local costumes, mountain souvenirs and his childhood toys.

29. EveryHey (@every_hey)

Hey studio uses public figures, symbolic characters and turns them into strange characters.

30. Rodrigo Corral (@rodrigocorral_)

Corral is the designer of several book covers for novels by authors such as John Green and Chuck Palahniuk. So, you can guess that he has attractive designs for book covers.

31. Sergi Delgado (@sergidelgado)

Delgado is a graphic designer, typographer and artist who tends to use saturated colors and sharp lines. Also, he works with strong shapes and has his own style and aesthetics.

32. Tolga Girgin (@tolgagirgin99)

If you’re looking for typography that looks like it’s going to jump off the page, your best source for inspiration is Tolga Girgin. Because he uses shadows, perspective and dimensions accurately and consciously. In this way, it can lead two-dimensional designs to three-dimensionality.

33. Tobias Hall (@tobiashall)

Hall is a typography artist who can do his designs well in handwritten and digital form. What sets him apart is the intricate flow of his letters and attention to detail.

34. Mikey Burton (@mikeyburton)

Burton is one of the design illustrators. Therefore, Burton seamlessly combines these two fields. So Mikey Burton is the best choice for those who are equally interested in designs related to both disciplines.

35. Lauren Hom (@homsweethom)

Hom is the author of the book-turned-blog Daily Dishonesty. Hom also specializes in colorful and strange printing methods. So, if you are looking for designs with soft letters and a motivational message, Lauren Home is the best choice.

36. Zachary Smith (@zacharysmithh)

You can find original typography designs among Smith’s designs. In Smith’s works, all the natural things that exist in the open space are mentioned. And through these spaces, he creates classic designs.

37. Pavlov Visuals (@pavlovvisuals)

Indeed, Pavlov Visuals is a collection of designers that produce beautiful and polished graphics. Their designs are sophisticated, precise and modern. They also do illustration, typography and even movie poster design.

38. Tad Carpenter (@tadcarpenter)

Tad is a design with high flexibility and strong style. He creates fantastic typography and organic and playful images.

39. Jen Mussari (@jenmussari)

Mussari is a professional designer and typographer who gives great importance to details. She shows everything in a captivating way and has a very sharp style.

40. Matti Vandersee (@vndlzr)

Vandersee is a typography artist on or off the screen. He also works with different styles and succeeds in them as always.

41. Dschwen LLC. (@dschwen)

The studio is headed by David Schwen, which houses a collection of designers. The works of these designers are colorful, attractive, beautiful and eye-catching.

42. Ornamental Conifer (@ornamentalconifer)

This name is actually the pseudonym of Nicolai Sclater, who is a surface designer and typographer. His designs include a strong use of lines and shapes and bright colors.

43. David Milan (@mdemilan)

Milan has a special talent for turning words into letters that jump off the page. That’s why David Milan calls himself a typoholic. His way of working is such that he puts an interesting spin on hand-made typography using his minimal visual elements and a meticulous construction of hand type.

44. Prose Appropos (@steveespopowers)

Steven specializes in creating sharp shapes and sharp typography. Also, Steven specializes in hand painting murals. This is an art that requires a lot of patience and effort.

45. Joshua Noom (@joshuanoom)

Joshua is an illustrator and designer who has successfully combined these two fields. In addition, his works are simple and effective, which creates bold illustrations and hand-made and organic typography.

46. Becca Clason (@beccaclason)

Becca Clauson has a diverse look and smart use of materials that has created a type for her. Ed can even make a wonderful illustration out of a piece of carrot.

47. Rob Draper (@robdraper1)

Draper is an illustrator, designer and letter writer. His typographic works have precise, deep and delicate details. He also uses his creativity to create unexpected works.

48. Mike Perry (@mikeperrystudio)

Perry’s designed works are full of explosive colors that exist in a variety of hand-made and psychedelic animations. In fact, his typography is animated with lots of characters.

49. Andreas M. Hansen (@andreasmhansen)

Hansen is a typographer and designer who has sharp, shiny and complex types. Clean white and rich black colors, colors that can be found in almost all of his works, add a monochromatic appearance to his works.

50. Luke Choice (@velvetspectrum)

This Australian graphic designer brings a playful and unique aesthetic to his works. His works include design, typography and illustration. He has also collaborated with famous brands such as Nike.

51. Sean McCabe

Sean McCabe has uploaded his designs on his Instagram page, half of which are typography and half of which are inspirational tips for making them.

52. Stefan Sagmeister (@stefansagmeister)

Stephen is a contemporary designer who has clients such as The Rolling Stones, HBO and Guggenheim for his unique designs. In fact, his designs mostly show humor, sexuality and unconventional details.

53. Seymour Chwast (@seymourchwast)

Seymour is a contemporary illustrator and designer. His style is expressive and symbolic. In design, he counters the clean and minimal nature of Swiss design by using a playful and radical approach. Indeed, his style is the reuse of past forms and styles.

54. Paul Rand

In the world of design, Rand was able to take a step towards creating logos, advertising and design by developing new radical methods. Because of this, he was able to transform America after World War II. Also, he was able to place the main position of copywriting on the same level as design.

55. Susan Kare

Susan is also one of the contemporary designers. Also, she has been active in the form of Apple and Steve Jobs’ NeXT. For example, her famous designs include the Monaco typeface, the Geneva typeface and the Command button on the Apple keyboard. Her designs are simple in appearance but very popular.

Last word

In fact, it is easy to come up with an idea for a product. But turning that idea into a phenomenon that proves to be a sustainable engine for building a brand identity or creating customers is not easy. This is where design helps ideas take shape.

The requirement of design is the existence of a source of inspiration that stimulates the mind and engages creativity. To achieve this goal, above I introduced a long list of the best design influencers whose works can be a great source of inspiration for you as a designer. Put your ideas into practice with creative designs!

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