Learn How Colors Matter In Life In The Next 60 Seconds!

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Colors matter in our life. But how?

Imagine eliminating all the blue color in the world, the blue of the seas and the blue of the skies! Or remove all the green color of forests and trees!

How do you feel? 

This world where we live in, without color, has no meaning. 

Colors affect human thinking and emotions.  Colors create action and reactions, which cause a sense of stimulation or a sense of calm in the person.

In fact, color is a kind of visual language and a powerful element for communication, so it is necessary to know what it is used for? And find out why it is used?

Here are 14 reasons to get to these answers.

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What you will see in this post:
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14 reasons to use color

1.Help the visually impaired persons with color

One of the uses of color is to convey information to the visually impaired persons.

For example, choosing bright color for the parts that are for walking. The use of color in medicines and urban navigation signs is another use of color to help these people.

colors matter in wooden guide

2.Accelerate visual search with colors

When there are distracting factors in an environment that make it difficult and time consuming to find the path and goal we want, these are the colors that help us.

Color coding makes the search process easier and faster in such environments. This method is also great for the visually impaired.

For example, they show different subway lines with different colors, which speeds up the search and selection.

colors matter in help map showing routes

 3.Create a universal symbol with colors

There are universal symbols, which we have identified by colors. Every human being with any nationality and language, by seeing those symbols, understands its meaning and application.

For example, everywhere in the world, Red means stop and prohibition. Green means go and license. Whether in traffic lights or in sign post.

Or, on water pipes, the red sign means hot water and the blue sign means cold water.

colors matter in traffic lights

4.Find the subject with colors

In photography or graphics and painting, you can usually use two approaches to get the audience’s attention faster in finding the subject you want:

First, you can use contrasting colors compared to other colors in the environment. But this can cause cognitive dissonance.

Second, you can use color that are related to the subject. That is, use color that reflect the true color of the subject and object in the physical world. This speeds up the identification of the subject.

For example, using the real colors of animals and objects, in drawing books for children, to learn them. Or use contrasting color in photography to find the subject.

animal learning books for kids by colors

5.Create identity in brands with color

Each brand has its own logo, which shows the identity of the brand with its specific design and color.

For example, the popular McDonald’s brand uses a red logo. Because red color attracts appetite and attention.

McDonald's logo

6.Improved functionality with colors

You can improve the usability of your everyday objects by choosing the right color.

For example, in medical laboratories and offices, there are red medical garbage bags.  So that employees can put infectious substances in it.

Or there are trash cans of different colors, for waste separation and easier recycling.

Red color for plastic, blue color for paper, green for glass and yellow for metal.

recycling waste bins in colors

7.Emphasize meaning with colors

Using color to emphasize meaning is like highlighting a text or shouting, meaning that the text or object is valuable and important. Bright color is usually used to highlight the meaning, because it attracts the human eye.

For example, on websites, authors write important and valuable points of articles in light color or put them in a light colored box. Also, we use this method in advertising posters.

advertising billboards on the street

8.Specify election party with colors

During political elections, each party and group usually has a specific color. And in the media, the votes of the candidates are determined by the color of each party.

For example, purple is a royal color.  And the brown color also represents the Nazi party.

mobile phone on the table showing the results of the electoral election

9.Express feelings with colors

In photographed images or in painted and graphic images, the photographer or designer uses colors to express emotions.  

For example, red is for feelings of anger or rage, or green is for feelings of calm and jealousy.

Even each emoji has a different color to express emotions, for example to show anger, emoji is red.

a man in a red shirt laughing

10.Create order with colors

You can enter order in any work and in anything using color. This is a general solution that makes it easy to find the structure and path you want.

For example, in some books, the titles of each chapter are shown in a different color, and even related titles are shown in similar or close colors.  Or in libraries, different color categories are used to categorize different types of books.

a library of color books

11.Show mood with colors

In general, mood is different from emotions.  And it refers to a longer experience. Lighter colors usually have a positive effect and darker colors have a negative effect on the viewer’s mood. photographers and designers use the same subject matter to create their moody creations.

For example, pictures taken from the war or paintings taken by the mentally ill are in darker colors.

a woman in black clothes with a cloth over her eyes

12.Learn more with colors

Internal organs, cells, and other small molecules are generally colorless. Therefore, in order to differentiate them and identify them more easily, their coloring is used in scientific and educational books.

For example, plant cells are green.  Muscle parts  are red.

colored image of body cells

13.Choose the right clothes with colors

Sometimes it happens to us that we do not know in what situation what kind of color we should choose for our clothes. Full knowledge of colors solves this problem. 

For example, when choosing clothes for a romantic date, it is appropriate for women to wear red and men to wear blue, because red attracts attention and blue relaxes.

Or for a job interview, navy blue is the right color because it gives a feeling of strength and confidence.

a girl in a red and white dress

14.Create a suitable atmosphere with colors

One of the major uses of colors in interior design and exterior architecture of houses. By using the right colors for each part of the house, you can provide a suitable space for peace and happiness.

For example, the best color for the bedroom is blue, because it relieves stress and makes you sleep comfortably.

And the best color for the kitchen is green because it feels fresh and increases appetite.

picture of a kitchen with green cabins


As you read above, the use of colors is very diverse and has many uses. The colors can calm the eyes of the audience or, conversely, raises the audience’s blood pressure or suppresses appetite. 

Therefore, these cases reveal the importance of choosing the right color. Your complete coverage of colors can help you make the most of them.

So tell me, what color do you use?

Share your experience with me in the comments!

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