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Colors matter in Boho style too!

boho style

How do you create a BOHO style?

If you are one of those people who have an artistic taste or enjoy the combination of role and variety of colors with textiles in your home, Boho style is the best choice for your home decoration.
Boho decoration belongs to those who want to fill their home space with interesting life, colors, and furniture.
This style, with its simplicity and lightness, creates an atmosphere full of life and artistic and cultural features different from other arrangement styles. The atmosphere of this style is unique and unrepeatable.
One of the most striking features of this style is the combination of different textures, colors and patterns. In this style, no special rule should be followed and the most important point is in color combination.

Bohemian style is one of the styles that was invented in Europe and referred to people who had an unconventional way and had a special interest in art, color and music ، They filled the house with their own sense of life and culture.
So boho is a bright and colorful design and a mixture of different designs.
The word BOHO usually refers to those who act socially against the norms of society or they  are so-called artistic.

Bohemian principles are not cumbersome for you and you can easily mix your designs and patterns and do not be afraid that these may not be in harmony with each other. The use of colorful and crowded fabrics will make your home feel weird. The presence of colored layers on top of the furniture shows itself in such a way that carpets and even wall hangings delight you and your eyes will not look at anything else.

Ten special features of BOHO style

1.Use a variety of colors and patterns

2.Use warm colors

3.Use traditional carpets from different countries

4.Use old and unique furniture

5.Use colorful cushions in different sizes and designs

6.Use of handmade and old and various accessories

7.Decorations from different countries

8.Excessive use of frames, photos and paintings on the wall

9.Use lace and tassel curtains

10.Handmade rugs in red, yellow and orange are preferred.

Now look at these few photos

Colors in BOHO style

In the bohemian style of decoration, there are no fixed and specific rules for the use of colors, but often Boho style lovers use warm and shiny in the design of boho decoration.
They consider most dark colors such as brown, gray and green for the base and background in this design style, and use colors such as garlic purple, fiery orange and amber blue for other interior decoration components.
Note that the composition and layering of colors are the most important factors that distinguish the bohemian style from other styles, so it is better that you be careful when choosing colors.

If with all this and so far these colors have not convinced you whether to use bohemian decoration or not, you should know that the king of bohemian colors that will continuously and not change the whole environment is white, yes White!

The dominant color that is seen everywhere, but is not visible, with the addition of this color to the decoration, everything is placed exactly where it should be.
The equation of all these unknowns with a white background will be easily solve

How do l start and choose colors?

Start with the colors you like the most and are interested in to create the atmosphere of your space.
In fact, because this style is best known for living with nature, it will have a wide range of colors, so bring any color you like to your home or space, but it is better to consider one color as a reference and the rest with it arranged.
In this case, the possibility of confusion in the world of colors is reduced.

Warm colors in the field of natural colors such as earth colors, which include a variety of browns, clay red, brick red, jujube color, cinnamon color, saffron color, black pepper color, etc. You can use them along with cool to neutral colors, but to a lesser extent.
If the BOHO style is combined with minimalism, the amount of neutral colors will increase and the main attention will be paid to the patterns and textures.
You can also use the group of metallic colors more than gold as a color decoration of the space. Gemstone themed colors such as ruby ​​red, emerald green, turquoise blue, etc, are also common.
In fact, the more restrictive rules for using certain colors that exist in other styles are largely non-existent here, other than your favorite colors.

Calmness and freshness in green

Green color is soothing, So Using it at home gives the home freshness. psychologists consider green to relax the human soul. So why not to use plants?

Plants in the BOHO style

Plants are a convenient and cost-effective option for creating a relaxing atmosphere as well as adding a new dimension to the space. This lovely greens also easily harmonize with the decoration and give it a new color. Add to all this, room air purification. Hanging plants in a boho room is one of the best things you can do. You can be creative with plants and choose your plant according to your taste.
In the BOHO style you can use everything from a simple wicker basket to a glamorous pot to plant your plants.


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So the last words

Do not ignore the effect of color in boho style! Boho style is a style of individual creativity.
Note that Boho Is superior to other styles. The decoration is somewhat unconventional and highly individual, followed by a great variety.

For those who are very committed to the principles and rules in decoration, it may not be bad to try this style and by doing so, think a little about the mood of your heart and go beyond the framework and experience it.
Certainly, the people who gather around each other in these spaces disappear into the colorful and unique atmosphere of Boho.

What is your opinion? Was it attractive to you? So Comment your opinion!

 I hope you found this article useful and do not forget to do it! 😉

Your life is colorful!

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