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Autumn Colors: Make an autumn makeup!

Autumn makeup

Has it ever happened to you that a color doesn’t suit you, but the same color suits your friend? Why don’t all colors stand out the same to you or your friend? The answer to this question is only two words. It’s all about your “color season”. Maybe you are autumn!

Each person’s color season is created based on the overall tone and contrast in features such as your skin tone, hair color, and eye color. Autumn may be your color season. If so, follow me to learn more about it!

How can you know if you are autumn or not?

Usually, people whose color season is autumn have light, medium, tan and dark skin tones. Also, the color of their eyes is in dark and warm colors such as amber, golden brown, chocolate brown, hazel and olive green. Sometimes they have gray eyes. In addition, the hair color of autumn people can be golden blonde, light golden brown, medium golden brown, dark golden brown and tan.

Do you have the above features? If yes, chances are you are Autumn. You may still be in doubt about finding your color season, understanding the different sub-categories of autumn will help you to make sure that you are autumn.

What are the subcategories of autumn?

Autumn palettes have three subsets, including soft autumn, true autumn (warm) and deep autumn (dark). Each of these subcategories can have a different function on your skin. Therefore, you should be careful to use special palettes for your subset. In fact, it can be difficult to determine which autumn you are in. Because at first glance, all these palettes are very similar.

A. Soft autumn

Soft autumn is the palest and lightest autumn palette. As a soft autumn person, you have slightly warm and neutral skin and you probably have brown, strawberry blonde and slightly mousy-colored hair. Also, your skin color is ivory, latte, beige and warm olive and your eye color is light brown and hazel gray.

The use of very subtle, medium and soft colors of everything will make you come alive. Then avoid dark colors like black, very warm colors and very cold colors.

Fun Fact: If your color is warm and soft, but a color like lime green doesn’t suit you. So you are a bright spring, not a soft autumn!

Comparison of soft autumn with soft summer

Soft autumn people may have similar characteristics to soft summer, and this issue sometimes causes the two to be mistaken for each other. Because both seasons have similar soft and pale colors and the distinction between them is very subtle. Both have muted colors. But soft autumn is muted and warm, and has a walnut and honey coloring. While the soft summer is muted and cool and has gray and olive coloring.

Soft Autumn vs Soft Summer
 The way to distinguish them from each other:

An easy way to find out if you look warmer or cooler is to go in natural daylight without makeup and hold a gray screen over your face. Pay attention to the color of your eyes. If they are gray, you are probably a soft summer. Otherwise, if they are green and hazel, you probably have soft autumn.

Soft autumn celebrities:

Adele, Gisele Bundchen, Tyra Banks, Angelina Jolie and Mischa Barton


B. Dark autumn

Dark autumn is the darkest and most vivid autumn palette. Also, Dark autumn is the only fall palette that includes black. As a dark autumn person, you probably have darker hair in dark tan, dark brown, dark chestnut and black with warmer undertones like gold. This issue becomes more beautiful when you know that the hair of dark autumn people shows a red, yellow and golden halo in front of the sunlight.

Mostly, your skin tone is slightly more neutral and warm, and includes bronze to warm black, golden beige to caramel, and light gold to warm olive. Dark Autumn can have any eye color, especially warm brown and dark hazel. Dark autumn may be pale in winter, have freckles and tan instead of burning.

Using very warm and earthy colors such as reddish brown, copper, dark green and dark blue colors will make you come alive. So avoid pastel colors, bright white and dusky shades.

Fun Fact: If your color is warm, you can wear black. But you look good in bright colors like bright fuchsia, you are probably bright spring and not dark autumn!

Comparison of dark autumn with dark winter

Dark autumn people may be confused with dark winter. Because both seasons have dark colors and high contrast. Both seasons have dark colors. But dark autumn is dark and warm and has yellow and golden undertones. While dark winter is dark and cool and has dark gray, black and blue-black.

Dark Autumn vs Dark Winter
The way to distinguish them from each other:

A simple way to distinguish these two seasons is to try the lipstick test. People with both seasons can use dark colors for lipstick and not look like vampires. The only way to distinguish between the two is that the cold and purple colors of winter do not suit dark autumn, and on the contrary, warmer colors do not suit dark winter either.

Dark autumn celebrities:

Natalie Portman, Angela Bassett, Kim Kardashian, Mindy Kaling and Julia Roberts.

Angela Bassett

C. True autumn

True autumn is the rarest fall palette. As the true autumn, you can neither use the dark autumn color palette nor the soft autumn. Your skin tone is bright and warm, and you have a golden glow, not pale. Also, the color of your hair is almost reddish brown and the color of your eyes is golden brown, chocolate brown and amber.

Using very rich and warm colors that are neither too dark nor too bright, such as olive green, dark blue, ivory and warm brown will bring you to life. So avoid pastel blue, fuchsia, black and white.

Comparison of true autumn with true spring

True autumn people have the same characteristics as true spring. Both seasons have colors that are neither too bright nor too light. Both have warm colors. But true autumn is warm and muted and has a duller look and contrast. However, the true spring is warm and bright and has a bright and saturated appearance with fresh colors.

True Autumn vs True Spring
The way to distinguish them from each other:

A quick way to determine which color season is yours is to pick the most prominent colors from both seasons’ palettes and try them on. You can try these colors as a lipstick on your face or wear a dress with this color. If the color that comes to you is from the true autumn palette, then you are true autumn or vice versa.

True autumn celebrities:

Eva Marcille, Jennifer Lopez, Julia Roberts, Amber Heard and Julianne Moore.

Julianne Moore

How is the make-up according to the color season?

After you find out which is your autumn sub-category, you need to know what is its special make-up color palette. So let’s go:

1. Soft autumn makeup colors:

As a soft autumn, your makeup should not be too bright, but should be very soft and pale. Also, soft autumn make-up is called “naked make-up”.

Face Makeup:

Face makeup includes foundation, concealer and bronzer, which is usually taken from a neutral palette for soft autumn.

Foundation and concealer color

Because soft autumn skin is muted and warm and varies from light to tan, so the choice depends on your skin. But the best type is those that have a light yellow tint and are not too shiny or matte.

Bronzer color

Bronzer is one of the best cosmetics for all autumns. Because it gives your face a warm and beautiful glow. The perfect bronzer for soft autumn is a pinker, dustier bronze or a golden peanut shade. Instead of bronzer, you can use a powder that is darker than your foundation.

Eye makeup:

All eye make-up colors are taken from neutral colors, except eye shadow colors, which are taken from complementary and highlighted colors.

Mascara color

Try not to use black color for mascara, instead use soft brown or warm gray colors that are not too bold.

Eyeliner color

Brown, green and blue eyeliners are suitable for you. Of course, you should be careful that the color you use does not stand out too much.

Eye shadow color

For eye shadow, you can use both neutral colors such as khaki, beige and brown, and highlight colors such as soft red, pink, blue, purple and green. Keep the shimmer of the shadow moderate as well, not too much and not too little. Avoid black and icy colors or very bright colors because the first one makes you look harsh and the second one makes you look like a clown!

Lip and cheek makeup:

Soft autumn takes colors from pink to plum palette to beautify cheeks and lips.

Lipstick color

It is better to choose a lipstick with a neutral color. In fact, the color of your lipstick should be similar or close to your natural lip color. If you are looking for a more dramatic look, you can use reddish and brown colors for lipstick. Make sure that your lipstick is matte, not glossy. Also, the colors you choose should not be too bright or too cold.

Blush color

In order to reflect your natural color softness, your blush color needs to be warm and soft like peach pink or russet. Also, your blush should have a soft glow.

2. Dark autumn makeup colors:

As a dark autumn, your makeup should be dark, warm and bright. Therefore, you should not wear light or bright makeup.

Face Makeup:

In this type, the face makeup includes foundation, concealer and tanner, which is taken from the neutral area for the dark autumn.

Foundation and concealer color

Because dark autumn skin is warm and neutral and varies from light to deep golden tones, it is better to get them according to your skin type. But if their color base is not pink or blue, it is more suitable for your skin.

Bronzer color

The best bronzers for dark fall are ones that aren’t too muted or orange. In fact, the darker your skin color is, the bronzer color can be deep and can also be used as a contour. Stay away from overly shiny bronzers.

Eye makeup:

Eye make-up colors should usually be neutral, except for the color of the eye shadow, which can also be highlighted.

Mascara color

Try not to use true black or blue-black mascara and instead use brown-black, very dark green and gray mascara.

Eyeliner color

Olive, dark purple, green and blue eyeliners are suitable for you. Do you have colored eyes? You can use an eyeliner that is the color of your eyes. By doing this, you make your eyes more prominent.

Eye shadow color

For eye shadow, you can use neutral colors such as olive, golden and beige. You can also use blue, purple and green colors to highlight your eyes. But avoid shades that have a blue base and shiny colors.

Lip and cheek makeup:

You can use peach, plum and red colors to make up dark autumn lips and cheeks.

Lipstick color

You can use bright lipsticks like pink and burnt orange or dark lipsticks like red and dark brown for yourself. Stop using lip gloss and try a matte lipstick with a bit of shine.

Blush color

For a natural look, use light browns and pinkish reds if you have fair skin. Also, if you have darker sides, try darker reds and browns. Just be careful not to choose a pink blush.

True autumn makeup colors:

The colors of this autumn are generally brighter than the gentle autumn. Of course, this clarity mostly includes its shine.

Face Makeup:

To make up the true autumn face, which includes foundation, concealer and suntan, you can use neutral colors like all other autumns.

Foundation and concealer color

True autumn people have warm skin with light to dark golden undertones. And their shine is bronze. Therefore, it is best for these people to use a concealer and foundation that is close to their skin tone. But it is better not to use foundations with cold colors and blue undertones.

Bronzer color

In fact, bronzer is only made for true autumn. However, they can be used in other autumns as well. Be sure to use warm and rich bronzer with a yellow base. And remember to stay away from shiny ones.

Eye makeup:

Eye shadows, unlike the rest of the eye makeup, can be highlighted and complementary, and the rest should be chosen from neutral colors.

Mascara color

Never use black color for mascara. You can replace it with dark gray or warm dark brown colors.

Eyeliner color

You can use eyeliners in the color of your eyes, or use fern green and blue green colors. Do not use black and dark colors. The darkest colors you can use are forest night and chicory coffee.

Eye shadow color

For eye shadow, you can use neutral colors such as olive, golden, beige, brown and khaki. Also, you can always use purple, red, orange and green colors to highlight your makeup. Do not use shadows with a blue and glossy base.

Lip and cheek makeup:

A true autumn can use red, orange and brown colors to make up her lips and cheeks.

Lipstick color

As a true autumn, use pink, orange, red, brown lipsticks to make your lips more beautiful. The best thing is when your lipstick is matte and has a little golden shine.

Blush color

To have a natural look in true autumn, you should prioritize the use of light orange or dark brown colors. Do not use pink and blue blushes and make sure that your blush is not too matte or too shiny.

Should all our makeup be according to fall?

No, you don’t need to change all the colors of your wardrobe and makeup to autumn. But the point here is that you should bring your own colors closer to your face. For example, you can use a scarf, an accessory and even a lipstick from your own color palette.

Most cosmetic brands use attractive colors for cosmetics. So that when you, as a viewer, see the lipstick color of a model, you are tempted to buy and use it. But after using it, you will understand that this color does not suit you at all. Actually, this is one of the tricks of the makeup brands who choose the model based on the lip color which may not be suitable for everyone.

Color palette inspiration of autumn makeup

I have several color palettes of autumn makeup for you, I hope it will help you:

Last word

You saw? You can choose the best colors for your autumn makeup by recognizing the color of this season and its subsets. And in this way, multiply your beauty. So, tell me, are you an autumn? What autumn are you? If you are not autumn, what is the color of your season?

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