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Add green color to your makeup palette!

green in makeup

We all know that there is an infinite color palette for makeup. In fact, everyone has several favorite color palettes to use. Green color is one of the colors that you can find in most color palettes.

But how can we add green to our makeup color palette? To answer this question, we must know the effect of green in makeup. Let’s see:

The psychology of green color in makeup

Green is a symbol of nature. Every human being finds peace in nature. So there is no doubt that using this color can convey a feeling of calm and balance to yourself and others. In fact, green can be considered the color that dominates all human emotional thoughts. So if you use this color in your makeup, it means that you have a friendly and peaceful look to those around you.

The effect of green on makeup

To examine the effect of green on your makeup, you can consider a few things. Do you want green color for your face makeup, makeup for green eyes or makeup for your green clothes?!

These are the things we will discuss below:

Green color in makeup

• Do you like crowded makeup? To achieve this, you can use secondary colors of purple and orange along with green. For this purpose, use purple eyeliner and green eyeshadow. For the cheeks and lips, you can also use peach, which belongs to the orange family.

• One of the most popular color palettes for face makeup is the use of complementary colors. Red complements green. So it can be an attractive palette for you. You can use a shade of green (preferably greenery or mint green) for the front of the eyelid and choose red lipstick for your lips.

• Do you have brown eyes? Using olive green eyeliner along with a khaki shade can give a beautiful effect to your eyes. In addition, the use of this color for eyeliner will never be repeated.

• An autumn palette for your face is the use of olive green for eye shadow. Next to it, you can use a golden shade for the end of your eyelid and choose a crimson lipstick for your lips.

• Does your face have red spots and acne? With the green concealer, you will no longer have to worry about hiding them under the powder cream. Because green concealer complements red. If it is placed on the red parts of the skin, it can neutralize and so-called hide facial acne.

Makeup for green eyes

Having green eyes is very beautiful. But to make this eye color more beautiful and attractive, you should pay more attention to how your eyes are made. In fact, you should choose the right colors for eye makeup. I have tips for you:

• Use shades of purple, lilac, dark green, brown, beige, smoky, peach, pink, silver and navy to make your green eyes look more beautiful.

• Avoid white, pastel and blue colors as much as you can to decorate your green eyes. These colors do not work well in showing the beauty of your green eyes.

• If you choose a green shade for your eyes, make sure that the color tonnage should be lighter or darker than your eye color.

Facial makeup with green clothes

As you know, if your makeup does not match the color of your clothes. The beauty of your face and clothes is not seen either. Follow the tips below for proper face makeup with green clothes.

If the color of your clothes is light green:

It is better that the color of your powder cream matches the skin of your face. Dark brick color for cheeks, dark green for eye shadow and red, orange and light brown colors for lips can be a suitable color for the face of people with light green clothes.

If the color of your clothes is dark green:

The most appropriate way to choose a powder cream is lighter than your skin. Also, using brick and beige colors for the cheeks, brown for the lips and light green colors for the eye shadow are suitable for you.

General points:

In general, the use of warm colors such as gold, beige and brown is more suitable for eye shadow. Also, the use of colors such as cream and red for the lips is more popular. Do not forget that green color also gives meaning to your style!

The last word

Choosing the right color for your face can make your clothes and face look more beautiful than it is. The important thing is to choose the right colors next to the color of your choice. This color of choice can be green.

Green is a special color for makeup and its use shows you are stylish. However, you should be careful in using it. If not, you may never use this color again. I hope these tips help you to some extent!

What colors are in your makeup color palette?  Let me know.

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