A Guide to Color Theory for Web Design

A Guide to Color Theory for Web Design

Living in the age of the internet has allowed us to search for everything by just tapping on a screen. It is quite surprising how much the user experience has increased over the past few years, and the importance to use color theory for web design.

Such a great user experience has not come out of vain however a lot of effort. Here, we are going to talk about something of that kind. Yes, we are going to talk about the color theory for web design. It is quite an important thing to consider when you are developing a website. 

Importance of color theory for web design

People often come with the question of what is the need to color in developing a website? However the color that you would use in a website can play a crucial role in enhancing the user experience. 

Choosing the right color combination of colors for your website ensures that your website or blog post appeals to your visitors. The interface and color combination is the first thing that attracts the users in the beginning. 

The colors influence people in many ways. Light colors are often considered a sign of optimism while the dark ones act just the opposite. In the same way, the red color is perceived as a warning sign while the green color is considered a sign of acceptance. colors are the elements that establish the first impression of your website until the visitor reaches the content.

If you take the choice of color lightly, you should know that colors play a very important role in product branding and other activities. Several studies have revealed that more than 90% of the users consider color as an important factor when they buy something. So, choosing the wrong color can spoil your business without you even knowing about it. 

As websites are not only made for selling products. Several organisations make websites for campaigning, in that case, the color combination can play even bigger roles. Some studies have revealed that colors can increase brand recognition by 80% on the internet. 

Now that you know about the importance of color in the physical world and the internet. It is very crucial that you come with the right options when you are searching for colors for your website. If you understand the color theory for web design well, you will get the maximum benefits. 

A thing to remember while choosing the color

There are certain things that you should keep in mind while choosing the colors for your website. While choosing the colors, you should not choose the color that you like as you are doing it for customers, not for yourself. 

For example, many IT consulting businesses have brands that are predominantly blue, and many fast food places are red or yellow. There’s many reasons and research in this.

Rather you should choose one that is effective in attracting more users. You should make a proper selection by studying the characteristics of different colors. 

Color is my day-long obsession, joy and torment.

Claude Monet

A brief of human knowledge of color

People were not much aware of the colors until Sir Isaac Newton demonstrated the composition of visible light. He was able to do it with the help of his famous prism experiment. 

Until then, people believed the color to be a mixture of light and dark. After that experiment, Newton classified all the colors and that combination is called the color wheel. 

Anyone looking should be aware of the color wheel. The colors contained in this wheel are also called the primary colors. By mixing those primary colors, you can create all the possible colors that the human eye can perceive. 

Gradient Color Wheel Poster in a white background hanging from a white wall
Gradient Color Wheel Poster – DopelyGoods | Buy Digital Products

Using colors properly in your designs

Now you are aware of all the fundamental concepts of color theory. It is time that you know about the ways you can use these colors to produce amazing effects on your website. One way is through color grading your photographs or choosing bold colors for images. This section is going to discuss the ways you use colors wisely while creating your website. 

Once you learn the way to use a combination of colors, you will be able to create nice harmony on your website. Now, we are going to mention some color schemes that you should try if you are looking to create nice effects on your website. 

The use of color psychology

You will be able to influence people using colors only if you know the importance of color psychology. Many companies around the world use color to attract people from around the world. Take a look at these colors and use them in the proper places that you need.


The black color is often considered a symbol of evil or danger. It is true up to certain limits. However there are certain utilities of this color as well. When you are representing something, the black color in the background becomes very important. Using black color in the background can bring the concentration of people directly to the subject. 


For a long time, purple has been used to represent prosperity, luxury, and royalty. When you are promoting something, using the purple color can help to symbolize trust and power. Don’t use much concentration as it can distract you. 


This color is always associated with nature and it is used very much to represent calmness and positive surroundings. Many interior design tips and experts say that looking at the green color is pleasing and refreshes the mind. When you are promoting a brand that is environmentally friendly, using green color is a must. 


The red color is quite a strong color. The intensity in this color is widely used to represent energy and confidence. It produces a feeling of passion in the minds of the users. When you are planning to attract someone, using the red color will help you a lot as it grabs people’s attention immediately. 

Don’t use a highly intense red color in such a situation as it may symbolize danger or warning-like situations. 


The blue color is used to represent trust and reliability. It is a very smooth and preferable color. When you use the high saturation of this color, you can create freshness in the minds of the viewers. 

Final thoughts

In the above article, we have tried our best to give you a detailed overview about color theory for web design. You can choose these colors based on your requirements. Just keep in mind that you are not overusing any color without good reason. Don’t miss this article if you want to know about differences that colors make in UI design.

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