5 Awesome Poster Ideas for Interior Design You Probably Don’t Use

5 poster ideas for interior design

The art of decorating your home with posters is both cheap and original. As it turns out, the whole experience makes you feel like a teenager again, but you can also see it from a totally different perspective. Here we are going to see some poster ideas for interior design and learn about their category.

It is of course not meant to refer to portraits of singers and other stuff like that when we talk about posters here. How ever, it would be fine to have those on your walls if you prefer, but something more neutral and artistic would be more suitable.

It really is worth your time to take on this project next, as it is simply a matter of figuring out what theme to choose, and what colors and dimensions to select. Even so you wouldn’t have too much difficulty finding the posters, there is also the option of finding them online and printing them on special paper.

Minimalist Posters

The primary purpose of minimalism is to simplify and objectify. In this way, the art is being reduced to its fundamentals or essentials and is being stripped of any ornamentation. You can that minimalist designs are characterized by more whitespace, better typography,  grid layouts, and fewer colors.

We are also influenced by minimalist design trends when it comes to decorating our interior spaces for maximum comfort, function and aesthetics.

Gorse gradient circle on a Electric Indigo and Dark Violet gradient background on white wall near a little table and little tree, poster inspiration for your interior design
Sun Gradient On Gradient Poster – DopelyGoods | Buy Digital Products

Typography Posters

By using good typography, you can create a strong visual hierarchy, and a visual balance in your decor, and establish the overall mood in your interior design. Typography posters can guide or inform, or even they can inspire a special mood!

When selecting a typography wall art, there are many things to consider. In addition to reflecting identity, it should contain proper elements such as font, contrast, consistency, white space, alignment, color, and hierarchy.

CREATIVITY TAKES COURAGE Typography Printable Poster with colorful fonts and left align text on a white background in a dark frame hanging from a white wall near a plant, poster ideas for your interior design
CREATIVITY TAKES COURAGE Typography Printable Poster – DopelyGoods | Buy Digital Products

Map Posters

As I mentioned before, you can use posters to decorate your surroundings. Because it adds beauty and variety to your home and office environment.  

Moreover, map posters have become a favorite accessory of those who travels a lot and do not like the walls of their house to look white and empty. Imagine using a minimalistic map poster, isn’t that great?

You can specify your favorite places on the map. Also you can make a hometown map poster or if you like traveling, make a travel map poster and turn it into your memory map. You just have to put a sign every time in any place where something good happened to you or even something bad happened (because you know that every bad thing is a beautiful experience for us).
This is very convenient and finally, you have an attractive poster on the wall of your room.  A poster that can be a reminder of your memories every time you look at it.

three different color combination Los Angeles Minimalist Map Poster in same sizes hanging on the wall in a living room with two brown sofas, poster inspiration for your interior design
Los Angeles Minimalist Map Poster – DopelyGoods | Buy Digital Products

Boho Style Posters

If you want your home to be filled with culture, life, and interesting items for everyone to see, then Bohemian or Boho decorating is perfect for you. By embracing the carefree, relaxed, and unusual, this aesthetic defies modern sensibility. Rooms designed with a bohemian vibe tend to be eclectic and share certain characteristics, but no two rooms are the same.

Boho style green leaves with a brown sun and yellow lines on a light pink background in a brown frame hanging from a dark grey wall in a boho style room with a plant and a brown chair, poster ideas for your interior design
Growing Boho Abstract Printable Poster – DopelyGoods | Buy Digital Products

Abstract Posters

Pyramids Abstract Printable Poster in a dark frame hanging from a white wall in a living room with a sofa, poster ideas for your interior design
Pyramids Abstract Printable Poster – DopelyGoods | Buy Digital Products


Decorating a new space doesn’t have to end with wall art. This isn’t how it should be. Wall art is most important to our conception of interior design. In other words, your wall hangings should be used properly to provide a framework around which you can arrange the rest of the room. With the different poster types provided above, you’ll be able to select and incorporate wall art into your interiors, in such a way that your design will look like it was professionally put together! Also, never miss Dopely Goods Poster Shop! Dopely provides the most modern and unique posters in a wide range of colors and styles there!

How important is wall art to you when decorating a room? Where do you choose your art during the design process? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!

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