10 Most Colorful Cities in India

10 most colorful cities in india

Welcome to the most colorful cities in India. Don’t you know about them? Well, Indians are known for their festivals. Along with the beauty of festivals, colors are an important part of Indian culture. So, let me show you some beautiful cities of India.

Colors are what attract us towards happiness. It tells us where we belong. We are talking about the beautiful valley of flowers up in Uttrakhand, and that French flavored Pondicherry and also the colorful peaceful temples of Madurai, you will see the colors at every step of this country. The birthplace of gods and never-ending beaches.

You will see why India has this much unity with different cultures, religions, people, and places. From language to dressing, everything is different in every other state that is what makes us more curious and everyone wants to explore India enthusiastically. You can see the love about the place in the eyes of people why they love their city so much.

Jaipur, the Pink City

Jaipur, the Pink city, one of the Colorful Cities in India. color palette by Dopely
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Jaipur is known for its pink color. It was originated in 1876 by the present maharaja because he painted the whole city with pink color. The reason behind this painting is that to welcome the prince of wales and queen Victoria. Isn’t that amazing? This is the largest city of Rajasthan and also famous for traditional Jewelry, traditional fabrics and handicrafts, and also for traditional Rajasthani cuisine. The pink color in Jaipur is considered as the color of hospitality.

Jodhpur, the Blue City

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It is known as the blue city because of the houses that are painted with blue color which are surrounded by Mehergarh fort. The primary reason behind the blue color houses is that the brahmins are of the upper caste and they want to differentiate themselves from the people of the lower caste. As time passes the entire city has turned into blue color houses making Jodhpur the blue city. Jodhpur is a better place for tourists!

Kutch, the White City

Kutch, the White City in India
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Gujarat is the place of Marwari people with an amazing business mind. When you search about Kutch on google then you will see the white desert, not the city. When the Rann Utsav takes PlaIndiace then the whole city is lit up with the white shade and the best scene comes when that white sand sparkles up under the moon and that land filled with colorful handicrafts all over the ground.


Chennai one of the colorful cities in India color palette by Dopely
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In India Chennai is known for being the home of Chennai super kings the most loved team of IPL and the biggest metropolis city of Tamil Nadu state. Also, Chennai has the second largest beach in the world known as the marina beach. The people of Chennai are so energetic, that they always keep a positive environment around them. Chennai was also known as madras in its early days. You would love to see the white sand beach and amazing seafood.


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The city of temples, Madurai has the best temples in India with great architecture and beautiful designs with eye-catching colors. People say that once  LORD SHIVA had appeared here and some nectar fell from his hair fell on this town. that is why this place is named Madurai it means sweetness in Tamil. one of the most beautiful temples named Meenakshi Amman is the beauty of Madurai which is spiritual and surrounded by the many colors in the temple architecture.


Varanasi one of the most colorful cities in India, color palette by Dopely
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Varanasi is the city from where the river Ganga flows. It is situated in the heart of Uttar Pradesh. It has ghats that are never-ending and you will love the evening aarti. Kashi is one place where people worship lord shiva and pandits at the ghats will lead you to the path of spirituality with worshipping the lord shiva. One will never forget the experience of spirituality.


Pondicherry one of the most colorful cities in India, color palette by Dopely
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Pondicherry – the city of french colonial settlement. The city is located in southeastern Tamil Nadu. It is a city of calmness, the streets and environment are peaceful which makes it a good place for family holidays. It is famous for the Aurobindo ashram and some amazing nature scenes which will make your mind calm and will relax your soul. The beach and lakes are the reason behind the increasing number of tourists in Pondicherry.


Vrindavan one of the most colorful cities in India, color palette by Dopely
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Ohhh ! the city of my love KRISHNA. Yes, Vrindavan the birthplace of Lord Krishna. This city is mainly known for Lord Krishna,  but it is also known for its delightful celebration of the festival Holi. The whole country celebrates Holi but Playing Holi in Vrindavan is a whole different and divine experience. Temples of Radhe Krishna like prem temple, Govind Deo Temple, Banke Bihari Temple, and Rangaji Temple these are the famous temples of Vrindavan

Flower Valley of Uttrakhand

Flower Valley of Uttrakhand in India, color palette by Dopely
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Uttarakhand is the valley of flowers which has a national park. You cannot describe the beauty of the place in some words. The never-ending rows of flowers are vibrant in color and eye-catching. You can see the natural environment of the Himalayas because of the same vibes of this place. Uttarakhand is also famous for worshipping gods in Hindu temples.


The city of flowers includes more than 850 different species of flowers.it is located in the Satara District of Maharashtra. Satara is declared a region of world heritage biodiversity site by UNESCO. The city was established in the 16th century by the Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj seat of the raja Satara. The city got the Satara name based on the seven forts which are near the city.

P.S: So, have you enjoyed reading the article? Personally, I fell in love with India and I wish I could visit these beautiful cities some day in future!

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